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Using Crash Analytics with Titanium Apps

Using Crash Analytics With Titanium Apps

In this post, I will be running through how to implement Axway Crash Analytics (ACA) into both a new and existing Titanium app—we’ll set...

🚨Breaking the Build 🚨- Episode 02: Surviving the Crash

😱 Your mobile app has crashed!! Don't panic! All is not lost! In this episode, we walk you through surviving the crash and quickly...

Leverage Custom Queries to Gather Insights from Crash Analytics Data

A few months back, we introduced custom queries as a mechanism to run queries against the analytics data sent to us by the application....

End of Life Notice: Performance Management Feature 

Starting December 1, 2019, the performance management feature that was available to all current enterprise customers will be discontinued. As you may know, the...

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