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Axway B2Bi with Kafka

Kafka — a step closer to B2B

The real-time pipeline of an ecosystem Present-day business-to-business information systems have become so complex that troubleshooting them properly causes real-time performance, data presented maturely, with...
Axway Secure Client 6.4

Axway Secure Client 6.4 is GA

We are pleased to announce that Secure Client 6.4 is now in General Availability.  This release provides additional platform support, updated security, and increased interoperability....
digital business integration

Demystifying APIs Part 2: Are companies ready for digital business integration?

Agile product and service releases, reduced costs of data reuse and business rules are some benefits of up-to-date technology.  Digital business integration We often say that...
benefits of B2B integration with iPaaS

Benefits of B2B integration with iPaaS

These days, people wonder, what are the benefits of B2B integration with iPaaS? Consider iPaaS If you have B2B integration in your company’s reservoir, it’s important...
API ecosystem

API ecosystem: What’s it all about?

An API ecosystem begins to evolve when APIs work toward digital transformation. At the very origins of any digital transformation, you must have an...
API Roundup – The latest API news for January 2019

API Roundup–The latest API news for January 2019

Below, I summarize the latest API news stories featured on API Friends over the last two weeks. APIs and healthcare: Why the healthcare industry needs...
10 reasons to move your EDI/B2B integration to a cloud managed service

10 reasons to move your EDI/B2B integration to a cloud managed service [INFOGRAPHIC]

Progressive enterprises are discovering the value of moving away from strictly ground-based EDI/B2B integration to a cloud-managed service that reduces costs and sets them...
What is AS4

What is AS4, the bridge between API and EDI?

How you integrate your applications and data flows with your suppliers, customers, partners, and regulators are more than an IT issue. It's also a...
Middleware as a Service

What is a Middleware as a Service (MWaaS) Suite?

As most traditional software products have progressively turned into an "as a Service" model, this is interesting to see how middleware solutions have evolved...
HIP cure

Time for cloud-based B2B EDI integration managed service

The data explosion we are experiencing is creating more sophisticated customers with new and ever-increasing expectations. Business users are looking to innovate and capture...
Amazon API Gateway

Private cloud for B2B integration: Have your cake and eat it too

In the modern enterprise, success is no longer contingent on access to data alone, but rather how an enterprise is able to put that...

Digital B2B integration: What is it and how is it driving change?

The new reality is the data explosion. From mobile applications to real-time analytics, the explosion shined a light on the necessity of scalable, cloud-capable,...

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