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reverse proxy server

What is a reverse proxy server?  

A reverse proxy server is a server that is located behind the firewall in a private network. This helps facilitate and guide client requests to an appropriate back-end server. These capabilities deliver an...
API Proxy vs. API Gateway

API Proxy vs. API Gateway

Recently, someone asked me the question of using API proxy vs. API Gateway. Well, let’s start with the basic premise. You have your backend services and...
components of an API Management solution

What are the key components of an API Management solution?

Across industries, disruptive competitors, new regulations and rising customer expectations are driving digital transformation. APIs are at the heart of digital interactions that will...
microservices and APIs

API creation and microservices going mainstream

Building API-based and sophisticated microservices are going more and more mainstream these days. As a consequence of addressing the full lifecycle of APIs, this...

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