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Spectral as part of your API platform and your API governance

Hands-on with Spectral: Using API linting for better API design and API governance

Spectral is an open-source API linting tool (powered by Stoplight) that allows users to write rules which then can be used to check API descriptions....

Why your API platform needs to be open

API platforms are an essential ingredient of digital transformation. APIs provide digital access to assets and capabilities of your organization, and all APIs together (your API...
API linting with Spectral

API linting with Spectral: What is it and how does it work?

API linting is the process of making sure that APIs are not just technically correct (which is the realm of validation tooling), but that...
API Lifecycle Management: Deprecation and Sunsetting"

API Lifecycle Management: Deprecation and Sunsetting

APIs are products and go through the same lifecycle as all products. They get created, see some usage, get improved over time based on...
contact tracing

You’re thinking about contact tracing wrong

Dear New York,  As I watch the city and local businesses be devastated by the impact of the virus, I see you making a big...
screen scraper

Four problems with screen scraping that an API-First approach solves

What is screen scraping? Screen scraping is what a developer might do to get access to information that’s usually only shared via a webpage. The...
3 Reasons to Create an API Platform for your API Practice

3 reasons to create an API Platform for your API Practice

Having an API doesn’t matter if nobody’s using it. That’s from the O’Reilly book “APIs: A Strategy Guide.. Gartner, in the 2019 Magic Quadrant for...
API metrics

What are API metrics and how do you measure them?

APIs are priceless. APIs allow companies to tap into their complex technology make-ups to create new digital experiences, build new services to grow revenue...
third-party APIs

Five reasons to use an API Management solution to manage your third-party APIs

Third-party APIs are exploding in importance and organizations are leveraging them with great success. For example, released its API so that website developers...

What is an API Platform?

The term API Platform has been used synonymously by some vendors with API Management, Full Lifecycle API Management, and even with the term API...

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