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API Conference wrap-up: Lesson 2, API Management lessons

At the API Conference that took place in Berlin from September 24-26, 2018, three lessons were discussed. We now come to lesson 2: API...
API design, testing and monitoring

API design, testing and monitoring – Interview with SmartBear Software

For this week's interview, I'm very happy to welcome Greg Lord, Director Product Marketing at Smartbear Software. Stephane Castellani: Hi Greg, can you please present...

API monitoring and SLAs – Interview with APImetrics

I'm very happy to welcome this week David O'Neill, CEO and Founder of APImetrics. Stephane Castellani: Hi David, can you please present APImetrics Software in...

Checklist before launching an API Management project

Your company is ready for API adoption and you are asked to prepare an API Management RFP for an API Management project. Here are...
APIs and hybrid integration

API testing and monitoring: Interview with API Fortress

After the recent interviews with StreamData.io about API streaming and Cloud Elements about Saas connectors, I had this week the opportunity to discuss API...
AI adoption

Six tactics to secure your APIs proactively

When talking about API security, some people just want to turn on a switch and would like to get a green light on being...

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