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Lifecycle Phases of API Products

What are the Lifecycle Phases of API Products?

The phases of the Product Lifecycle occur in four major stages: Introduction Growth Maturity Decline These are the starting points for the amount of time...
design APIs for extensibility

Designing APIs for extensibility  

The main role of APIs is to serve as the connective fabric between different components and capabilities within an organization and across organizations. One important aspect of...
API Portals importance

API Portals: Why are they important?

We often think of APIs in a very technical way, but in reality, APIs are about providing business offerings and value. Many organizations treat...
API Design importance

Why API Design is so important

The (obvious) importance of APIs in this era of modern and powerful web browsers with the rise of smartphones, IoT devices, simplification of protocols...
8 API trends

8 API trends for 2019

Here are 8 API trends to watch in 2019. We identified the following ways for companies to grow and scale healthy API programs. How are...

API Discovery Is An Important First Step Within The Enterprise

Many of the enterprise groups we work with are struggling with API discovery and understanding where all the web services and web APIs exist...
api governance photo

API governance: Why you need to build it for the future

You may ask yourself, why do you need to build API governance for the future? For one thing, building API governance is an important...
API throttling and quota management

API throttling and quota management

API throttling and quota management are incredibly valuable tools for IT modernization. This is why it is vitally important to take a thoughtful approach...

How AI is transforming customer experiences and the role of APIs

Here is an interesting article from Axway's Suraj Kumar, Vice President Global Solutions Management on how AI will help drive your customer experience strategy to differentiate and...
API design, testing and monitoring

API design, testing and monitoring – Interview with SmartBear Software

For this week's interview, I'm very happy to welcome Greg Lord, Director Product Marketing at Smartbear Software. Stephane Castellani: Hi Greg, can you please present...

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