Lift the covers on Syncplicity

Lift the covers on Synplicity

From as early as I can remember, I have been a hands-on experience type of person. When I was a child, I would take the screwdriver to my toys: I wanted to see how they work and more importantly, how I could customize them to work better.

Lift the covers on Syncplicity

Back then, it did not always work out well. My toy crane broke off when I overextended it, the cassette player blew up when I tried to attach it to a larger speaker, and when I tried to heat my swimming pool up with a water boiler, I got an electric shock.

Customize the experience

The Content Collaboration market is changing. Again.

For the last several years, we’ve offered an off-the-shelf solution that solved our customer’s challenges. End-users could easily share files and collaborate while IT had control. But consumers of applications and data have matured, and their expectations continue to grow.

We have seen that our customers want to customize the experience for their users, partners and customers, yet they want the ease of use of a cloud application, with the data protection of an enterprise-class solution. The cassette player blew up when I tried to attach it to a larger speaker. Today, we pair our device (any device) with a portable speaker—with a click. The world has changed as we have more expectations.

This change is a move towards agile content services that organizations can plug and play based on their business challenge. What comes to my mind, an RC car, with an RC car, you can simply lift the covers and change the experience to a jeep, a racecar or a pickup. Sometimes you want a speedy car, or maybe you want to take the RC car on a dirt track so needed bigger wheels with mud-tracks. You make it fit-to-purpose.

It’s a lot like the new world that is evolving. What if you could lift the cover of Syncplicity and add your own shell?

  • For example, if you need a secure portal that your customers can download their personal documents. With Syncplicity APIs, you can leverage our secure storage repository, and use file upload and download.
  • Do you need a website where millions of people can simultaneously download concert tickets by using a simple URL? Well, when you would compare it with an RC car, this is where you would add more wheels and more seats to the RC car. From a SaaS perspective being able to serve millions of API requests per minute makes sense.
  • Need a platform to exchange digital data in a secure way while protecting your files with rights management? In an RC car, it would probably look like an armored tank, but in this scenario, it’s simple—just a click.
  • For each use case or vertical, you can easily find an example of how you would integrate an existing business process with files and content.

What if your existing content management or collaboration solution does not allow this? Then you’ve bought an RC car that has a fixed shell—and you can’t customize your experience.

Maybe it’s time…

Maybe it’s time to look to a solution that is more scalable, flexible and allows you to solve all the existing use cases—file sharing, collaboration securely, but you can also customize for those use cases that are not solved out of the box.

With Syncplicity, you can leverage our Content Services within your business applications—extending business processes with collaborative services, file services—sharing, transfers for internal or external business flows.

For example, an insurance company could allow their customers to file an insurance claim from a mobile device. Customers can upload images of the damage in real-time from their mobile app while ensuring all a consumers’ PII is secure and protected.

Lift that cover and start looking at Syncplicity from a different angle! Think about how Syncplicity can help you solve your business challenges. AMPLIFY Content Services (Syncplicity) is a part of the AMPLIFY platform, As a component in the Axway AMPLIFY platform, your organization can use Syncplicity to archive securely content and integrate files into your business processes. Contact us to learn more.

Go beyond basic files sharing with Syncplicity.