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Secure MFT examples: 6 ways the technology keeps the world running

Secure MFT examples: 6 ways the technology keeps the world running

Like a tennis match, businesses engage in a continuous exchange of data. It’s a matter of making precise shots (think successful data delivery) and being on guard. Like a tennis player, businesses need to play a strong defense so there aren’t MFT weaknesses to exploit.

The success of the data exchange game hinges on security. Data breaches and cyber-attacks have reached all-time highs – meaning secure MFT has become even more critical.



So, how does secure MFT keep businesses rallying? Here are six secure MFT examples that stretch across industries.

Manufacturing retail & logistics

Secure data exchange is a big part of what helps supply chains run. Information needs to flow between suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers. Timely file transfer speeds up production schedules, minimizes disruptions, and optimizes inventory management. All the while, sensitive information remains secure.

Real-world example: The rail industry runs on data. Railinc supplies organizations with information to keep their rail assets moving. With Axway’s SecureTransport, Railinc transfers 450,000+ files daily. As data volumes grow, Railinc can scale.


Hospitals, clinics, and insurance companies exchange large medical images and patient records daily. Under strict HIPAA regulations, patient privacy is a must. Secure MFT safeguards health data while ensuring efficient file transfer. Timely delivery supports faster diagnoses, treatment, and insurance claims.

Integration spans solutions. Discover a sample MFT-API hybrid integration use case that would make switching health plans that much simpler.

Real-world example: CommonSpirit Health delivers care through facilities in 21 states. Axway’s MFT solution enables secure data exchange within its on-premises healthcare environment. While fast-tracking innovation, CommonSpirit Health has a framework to protect sensitive data.

See more examples of healthcare companies succeeding with Axway.

Banking & financial services

Finance is another industry where confidentiality is critical. Security must be top of mind when exchanging financial files like transaction records. Secure MFT maintains transaction integrity and supports regulatory compliance. This benefit helps boost organizational credibility.

Real-world example: Bpifrance initiated a state-backed enterprise loan in response to COVID-19. Administering the loan meant implementing 700+ secure file transfer connections with French banks. Axway enabled ultra-fast connection setup while guaranteeing high availability on a secure platform.

Engineering & construction

Executing engineering and construction projects relies on the pass-off of technical documentation. Engineers may need to collaborate on CAD files. Construction teams may need access to building blueprints. In any scenario, these large files need encryption. That way, technical information stays secure throughout the project.

Real-world example: Textron sends and receives 20,000+ files daily. The development and manufacturing firm works with defense organizations, making data encryption vital. Axway’s SecureTransport solution delivers security for the most sensitive MFT use cases.

Public sector

For transparency purposes, government entities are frequently involved in initiatives that call for shared data. Online tax filing and social welfare programs are two examples. The exchange calls for a secure MFT platform with encryption and strong governance. These measures ensure compliance with GDPR and FedRAMP. They also uphold trust and confidence in entities.

Real-world example: California is the eighth largest economy in the world. The state’s Office of Technology Services deployed a centralized MFT for 20+ state agencies and their customers. Consolidating disparate systems with Axway improved file delivery. It also provided end-to-end file transfer visibility.

Oil/gas & energy sector

The oil/gas and energy industry relies on the exchange of geological and survey data files. Before exploration and drilling activities start, different entities need to collaborate. File transfers support these efforts. The focus on real-time energy monitoring is also growing. Secure MFT is even more key for energy efficiency and meeting regulatory requirements.

Real-world example: Global energy corporations rely on secure MFT. It enables communication between exploration teams, drilling operators, and government agencies. This data informs decisions around exploration and production activities. It also pinpoints ways to reduce energy waste.

Axway is a secure MFT provider with a proven track record

Secure MFT works behind the scenes to help businesses operate. Today, security and compliance for critical data files are non-negotiable. So, finding an MFT provider you can trust is more important than ever.

Securing high-value file transfers is in Axway’s DNA. We offer customers the most secure, reliable way to integrate file data because:

  • Axway is a pure MFT player with significant investment in our security and cloud practices that is unmatched by other MFT vendors.
  • Moving to an Axway Managed Cloud solution further removes risk on vulnerability issues that are unfortunately more and more prevalent these days.
  • Axway has the expertise and dedicated teams to help with a transition from on-prem to the cloud which includes any security audit questions, certification, compliance, and more.

We’ve set the standard for secure MFT, and our customers acknowledge that. Take it from Didier Bailan, a technical architect at Groupe AGRICA:

“Thanks to standardized integration patterns included with the Axway solution, we can design practically any kind of MFT flow quickly and with far less manual effort than before.”

Or Walter Kari, lead architect at the IT department of Bundesagentur für Arbeit:

“Axway Managed File Transfer helps us to ensure that all our customer records and communications are in the right system to support each of our digital workflows.”

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Key Takeaways

  • Secure MFT plays a vital role in safeguarding against cyber threats. This article explores six real-world examples illustrating how secure MFT keeps diverse industries in the game.
  • Manufacturing, Retail & Logistics: MFT in supply chains ensures timely file transfer, optimizing production and inventory management.
  • Healthcare: MFT in healthcare facilitates the exchange of large medical files, ensuring compliance with HIPAA regulations.
  • Banking & Financial Services: Confidentiality in financial file exchanges is maintained through MFT, boosting organizational credibility.
  • Engineering & Construction: In engineering and construction, MFT encrypts technical documentation, securing collaboration on CAD files and blueprints.
  • Public Sector: Government entities rely on secure MFT for shared data initiatives, ensuring compliance with GDPR and FedRAMP for example.
  • Oil/Gas & Energy Sector: The oil/gas and energy industry depends on secure MFT for real-time exchange of geological and survey data files, supporting exploration decisions.