Managed Cloud: MFT

Managed File Transfer advantages

Managed File Transfer advantages

AMPLIFY Managed File Transfer (MFT) offers many benefits. For any company that needs to transfer files securely, MFT is your go-to service. For one thing, MFT can boost your business by increasing your services and streamlining processes, along with reducing security risks. Since MFT is API-enhanced, the possibilities are endless. So, what are the MFT advantages? Let’s explore the topic further.

MFT advantages: save money

Every company likes to save money, this is a no brainer! Along with numerous returns, the MFT advantages are abundant. For one thing, MFT can help reduce operating costs for your company. This generates a greater cost-per dollar in the end.

How is this possible? By speeding up the time it takes to go to the marketplace for new services, you allow for faster efficiency in digital transfers. Further, you reduce time frames for your company. The bottom line is you save your company money in the long run. With monetized services at your disposal, your company costs are down and kept in check.

Avoid the risks

With an MFT solution at your disposal, you always ensure that your data is secure. When it comes to important documents you want to be transferred, whether large or small, such as contracts, reports, etc., these need to be contained with a secure MFT solution. MFT offers your company these exceptional capabilities. Read all about AMPLIFY MFT, get the facts.

Without MFT software in place, you certainly run the risk of unsecured data and loss. Quality control is always key! This includes checks and balances to secure your information. The further advantage of MFT is that it helps your company stay verified with data security, as well as compliance laws.

Go forth and increase your visibility with MFT

MFT offers your company the ability to improve SLA (Service Level Agreements), as well as visibility for your company. Every company wants high-quality services and MFT delivers. By gaining a greater outlook on your documents, you are able to keep control and ensure your files are not compromised. By keeping your files flowing in a secure manner, you ensure a better overall view for your transfers. Read all about Managed File Transfer, a step beyond visibility here.

Further, thanks to API-enriched MFT, you are able to expand your services to solidify your operations in a streamlined manner. APIs also deliver great insights via mobile apps or web pages for your overview.

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