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Axway Financial Accounting Hub: a new platform to support your finance team’s digital transformation

For most of our clients, their finance department is under construction: the order of the day is digital transformation of the finance function.

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When you consider that numbers were invented for accounting purposes, it was time for digitization techniques to come to the rescue of accounting and finance teams.

In a context where only certainty is uncertainty, they face many challenges:

  • Need to increase their operational efficiency to process more and more information faster and reduce closing time and costs, to comply with a growing number of regulations, and to continue to guarantee account accuracy.
  • Need agility to respond faster than ever to technology changes, new business models, merger/acquisition processes, new country deployments, new accounting standards, and other regulations
  • Need to leverage data to help the company make the right decisions. 

To meet these different needs, the finance information system must evolve significantly. Beyond transformation, for many people this represents a revolution.

The CFO must now grasp the concepts of Cloud, DevOps, no-code/low-code, artificial intelligence, RPA and automation, APIs and functional components… and also continuous process improvement.

That’s what our new Axway Financial Accounting Hub platform is all about, providing data exchange, transformation, quality and exposure services. We launched it in Paris on June 8th.

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