How to allow users to take a screenshot with Titanium Mobile SDK

take a screenshot with Titanium Mobile SDK

Dear Geek,

I want to allow users to take a screenshot of my app when submitting a troubleshooting ticket. My app is built using Titanium Mobile SDK and runs on iOS and Android. Can you show me how to do this?


Dear Screenshots,

Including a screenshot with user-reported incidents can be a great way to add context for development teams! With Titanium Mobile SDK, it is super easy to take a screenshot and get back an image that you can then upload or email as an attachment.

Titanium code to capture screenshot and save/display

// Take screenshot
Ti.Media.takeScreenshot( e => {

    // the "e.media" property contains the screenshot image

    // You can also display the image on the screen
    $.imageView.image = e.media;

    // Or save the image to photo gallery


You can find more information about capturing screenshots with Titanium Native mobile apps on the Axway Titanium API Documentation page here.

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