New Titanium Mobile Release 1.6.0 is coming soon.

I wanted to share the approximate timing and some of the highlights of the hard work we have been doing on the Titanium Mobile SDK.

You should be expecting RC candidates in the coming weeks, and we welcome your feedback, especially on key issues. We project that we will go GA in late February.

We are continuing to aggressively enhance Android support, and highlight cool Android features. A common enhancement across the platforms is support for the new Facebook module supporting the Graph API.

The highlights of the new upcoming Ti Mobile 1.6.0 Release are:


  • Background support is now default for Geolocation, Accelerometer, and Compass.
  • New Facebook module supporting Graph API
  • NDK support in Android Build
  • Support for Streams in Intents
  • Improved Animation support
  • Menu and Android event support in root context
  • Shake gesture
  • Persistent cookies across HTTPClients
  • Improved image caching
  • Analytics Fix for devices with known bad ids (Froyo issue)
  • Tableview fixes for out-of-order drawing
  • Some APK minimization
  • Fixes to Activity eventing


  • JSS support
  • Improved retina support, including support for remote high-resolution images
  • Improved keyboard handling
  • Improved layout handling
  • New Facebook module supporting Graph API
  • Numerous bug fixes

Stay tuned, as I will follow-up with blogs letting you know when the RC candidates and GA release is available.

Code Strong!

Ralf Pfeiffer
Director of Platform Engineering
Appcelerator, Inc.