Axway B2B Integration

B2B integration use cases: meet modern challenges head-on with Axway B2B Integration

The way organizations exchange data has changed across industries. As new technologies emerge, pressure has mounted to become more agile and proactive. That pressure has ignited a shift from manual, fragmented methods to automated, integrated solutions.

Enter Axway B2Bi. Our B2B integration platform offers a secure, efficient approach to data exchange that allows organizations to stay competitive in the digital world — whether you’re in the manufacturing, e-commerce, retail, logistics, or finance space.

The best way to understand Axway B2Bi’s impact is with real-world use cases. In a recent demo, we spotlighted three examples of our B2B integration platform at work. Here are some key takeaways from that conversation — we encourage you to tune into the full webinar recording for additional insights.

Use case #1: API data exchange

Business partners may want to communicate with APIs and need support. Or they may have back-end applications with API features. In either case, there needs to be a B2B integration layer that bridges this gap.

Axway B2Bi transforms raw file data into the preferred format. For instance, you may want to turn data into a JSON structure to execute a REST API.

Visual EDI data mapping in Axway B2Bi makes it easy to define and deploy integration processes for virtually every document. All the while, different authentication methods are supported to meet trading partners’ needs.

While tackling modern integration challenges, this seamless API data exchange enables businesses to enter new markets and boost revenue potential.

As highlighted in an Axway API Adoption Survey, digital business growth is expected to grow by 26% with increased API adoption.

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Use case #2: Order-to-cash EDI exchange

There are still communities where EDI is critical to operations and support is needed. In those cases, joining forces to simplify B2B integration is essential.

Consider the relationship between customers and suppliers. The supplier receives an EDI 850 POs from customers which gets processed through Axway B2Bi to the backend system in the desired format.

Suppliers then will process the orders and send EDI 856 advance ship notice (ASN) and invoice with EDI 810 back to customers to get paid with EDI 820 from them.

During the whole transactions, there are going to be acknowledgments flowing in both directions. With a wide range of protocols supported on both ends, Axway B2Bi makes it easy to connect externally and internally.

At the same time, a centralized platform for partner management reduces complexity and redundancy.

Take it from Cencora, a leading global pharmaceutical solutions organization that exchanges thousands of EDI messages daily with hundreds of thousands of trading partners.

By centralizing their EDI services in Axway B2Bi, they can automate mission-critical EDI flows and have more headroom for continued business growth.

Learn more about Cencora’s use of our B2B integration platform.

Use case #3: Visibility for resiliency

Regardless of their industry, businesses need comprehensive visibility of their B2B transactions. That way, as transactions flow through their system, they can proactively respond to and reduce risk.

Axway B2Bi offers real-time visibility into processed transactions. With an end-to-end view of purchase orders, for example, you can rectify issues before they lead to downstream problems.

If someone ordered 400 units but only 90 were sent, Axway B2Bi will automatically capture that information and populate it on the platform’s dashboard.



The event data Axway B2Bi provides is ready for consumption. While monitoring file movement activity for individual partners, you’ll gain visibility into file volume daily, file transfer status in the last 30 days, and top partners in your supply chain.

With Axway B2Bi, you’re ready for today – and tomorrow

In an age where businesses need to be able to respond faster to demands, Axway’s B2B integration platform delivers. Through a single solution, you can reach operational efficiency, achieve supply chain resilience, and access a modern level of software agility and reliability.

The platform experience extends B2Bi to also layer on cloud managed services (single-tenant, multi-tenant, containers) and rich added-value capabilities such as e-invoicing, VAN, healthcare solutions, and more.

You’ll have the foundation to support an evolving business ecosystem that can power innovation, stay competitive, and accelerate digital transformation.

See these three real-world use cases with Axway B2Bi in more detail with this 30-minute demo.

Key Takeaways

  • Axway B2Bi helps businesses stay competitive by enabling secure and efficient data exchange.
  • Seamless API data exchange expands opportunities to enter new markets and generate more revenue.
  • Centralized EDI management makes partner connectivity easy while minimizing redundancies.
  • Comprehensive visibility into B2B transactions positions businesses to respond proactively to risk.