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Time for cloud-based B2B EDI integration managed service

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The data explosion we are experiencing is creating more sophisticated customers with new and ever-increasing expectations. Business users are looking to innovate and capture these digital opportunities.

To support this push toward revenue-generating digital services, business leaders are turning their attention to respond faster in order to capture new digital business opportunities before the competition. Developers are quickly designing new digital products and services while looking to integrate these new applications and services with backend core business systems.

Leverage your data

Legal departments understand the need to move quickly. This helps to capture these opportunities as well as wants to ensure the enterprise minimizes risk and ensures governance and compliance. Marketing leaders are looking to leverage all this data and better understand their customers.

This data is not just coming from traditional sources of employees, partners, and customers. But the majority of new data will be arriving from the over six billion connected “internet of things,” including such devices as embedded apps in autos, wearable devices, and sensors.

This new digital world and the need to integrate “things,” “mobile apps” and “web apps” is resulting in the need for pervasive integration. Many new integration flows will be developed outside of the control of IT and our own research shows that by 2019 60% of enterprises will be adopting APIs for their digital initiatives.

Cloud based B2B EDI

Integration approaches need to evolve to not only support traditional integration specialists but also “ad-hoc” or “citizen” integrators. This larger pool of technical resources typically does integration involving systems of differentiation or innovation. For example, mobile applications, online marketing, and digital commerce applications.

B2B EDI integration managed service

Can your existing B2B/EDI integration infrastructure support the demands of today’s digital economy and the shift to the “Integration as a service” model?

In a recent study on the state of the B2B integration managed services market, Ovum Consulting highlights that changes in customer expectations and stringent regulatory compliance mandates are driving major B2B integration infrastructure modernization initiatives.

They also point out that many organizations are looking to take advantage of cloud B2B integration services in order to keep pace. One of the key findings in the report found that cloud-based B2B integration managed services can reduce operating costs by 30% to 40%.

Click here to download the Ovum B2B Integration Managed Services Provider Profiles research report which also recognizes Axway as a key B2B integration managed services provider.

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