Axway B2B Integration

SEB Kort: Optimizing credit card payment processing with AMPLIFY B2Bi

Axway AMPLIFY B2Bi came to the rescue for SEB Kort when they needed to upgrade their platform. SEB Kort is a leading provider of credit card payments in the Nordic region. As one of the biggest payment providers in the region, SEB Kort needed a secure platform to handle all their B2Bi needs.

Axway AMPLIFY B2Bi brings a solid platform

Axway AMPLIFY B2Bi is a solid platform that allows your prior EDI or B2B systems to assimilate seamlessly with B2B transactions, as well as other business applications. With immense visibility for the company, you get smooth configuration, along with easier on-boarding. This allows for greater security to your clients, hence bringing about scalability. Many protocols are also supported by Axway AMPLIFY B2Bi making it the perfect solution for SEB Kort.

When SEB Kort came looking for a compliance solution for their software, they turned to Axway for a thorough and secure offering. According to Urban Broberg, Manager of the Information and Integration team, SEB Kort Stockholm, SEB Kort had two challenges to face. For one, “they needed to address peak activities in the morning and at the month-end.” With over 300,000 processes a month, along with many internal and external partners, the “Axway engine” came along to help SEB Kort comply with business standards and regulations. SEB Kort is in the middle of upgrading its platform for a new generation to be up-to-date with their software. Read all about how B2B integration is the how not the who here.

Magnus McPheat, an external Consultant for SEB, stated that they “have been able to leverage the B2B platform by adding their own tools in order to get all the relevant people inside at SEB Kort to work together with us on the team.” This process helps to lessen the time to market, therefore increasing integration and monitoring. “Everyone worked very hard to adhere to the strict PCI and DSS requirements that they have together with Axway,” Magnus stated.

Thanks to the successful upgrade and Axway’s help, it’s “full steam ahead” for Magnus. With a stable and solid product to help their platform along, everyone is thrilled with the results.

Partnership continues

Urban says SEB Kort continued working with Axway during their migration. The full network of Axway’s expertise and support by Axway’s partners with experience in migration has allowed for a smooth partnership all around. Urban says this “maintainable environment with a higher degree of automatization” has brought about a great partnership.

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