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Archiving invoices in the cloud while ensuring regulatory compliance

Archiving invoices in the cloud while ensuring regulatory compliance

While companies are moving to more digitization, they are trying to move away from costly paper-based invoicing.

One major requirement when performing e-invoicing is to archive a copy of e-invoices for a number of years so that they can be audited at any point during the retention period.

Each country has specific requirements for the format of the invoice, the retention period, and the information that is mandatory in an invoice.

It is important for companies with business operations in multiple countries to have a single solution that can cover all applicable legal requirements. 

How can Amplify e-Invoicing Archive help companies be compliant?

Axway provides a Compliance map document that describes in detail how we meet applicable legal requirements in each supported country.

Amplify e-Invoicing Archive comes with a wide range of value-added capabilities such as:

  • The ability to store related business documents (contracts, orders, payment information, etc.)
  • The advanced search using multiple criteria to locate documents faster
  • The long-term archive preservation for Italy and Hungary compliance needs
  • The automatic calculation of the retention period based on supplier and/or buyer’s country of establishment.

Thanks to its comprehensive compliance, Amplify e-Invoice Archive allows companies to archive all their e-invoices and related documents in one single place, whatever the format and whatever the country.

How do I benefit from this new Amplify e-Invoice Archive service?

Customers using an Axway B2B Integration solution (B2Bi or TSIM) can easily connect to Amplify e-Invoicing Archive cloud service, whether their installation is self-managed in their own data center or in Axway managed cloud.

Processing an e-invoice looks just like any standard EDI document process, with one additional step to add the legal archiving capability to their native advanced translation and communication functionality.

Together with Amplify PEPPOL access point, Amplify e-Invoicing Archive provides a set of e-invoicing capabilities that can easily be leveraged by Axway B2B Integration users.

Learn more about the Amplify solution here.