The Reddit Topic Subscription Prototype

We are working on some new prototypes to show what is possible when you use for subscribing to topical data subscriptions. For this prototype we are using the Reddit API from the API Gallery to power a handful of topical streams for Istio, Kafka, Kubernetes, React, and Tensor from Reddit Topic API searches. The mini-application runs entirely client side, using the JavaScript library, and to proxy the Reddit API and deliver these topical streams in the browser.

You can browse the Reddit Topic Subscription Prototype here, and access the project on GitHub here. Right now the prototype just streams the results for each topic in the browser, at the bottom of the page. Updating the results and the scores every 5 seconds. It will only do one topic at a time, but it provides a simple example of how can use OpenAPI as definitions for topical streams. Proxying a single API, but defining a handful of topics using OpenAPI default values, that end users can stream in their browsers.

Next, we’ll add the ability to OAuth with Reddit so you can make more API calls. We’ll add a place for you to enter your own API key, as we’ll be updating the one used for the prototype on a regular basis. Then we’ll add the ability to OAuth into GitHub, and save all of the data from the Reddit stream, or selected results to a GitHub repository in your account. Once we have this baseline of features we’ll replicate this project for Stack Exchange, Twitter, GitHub, and a handful of other common APIs–showing what is possible when it turns common everyday APIs into topical streams using

If you have any questions about our topic subscription prototypes or have a specific APIs that you’d like us to target, feel free to reach out. We are having fun building these, and we are happy to target specific APIs and consider any interesting features. Our goal is to provide a suite of topical streaming solutions using common APIs, that run 100% on GitHub, and use services to get the job done. Demonstrating that is more than just a streaming solution, and it can be used for a variety of event-driven approaches to deliver data in real time wherever you need it.

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