The Six Areas Of Our API Life Cycle Workshops

We regularly conduct API life cycle workshops here at, helping enterprise organizations think more critically about how they deliver their APIs infrastructure, and manage their operations. For our customers to be successful with our event-driven architecture, we need them to have a handle on their request and response API infrastructure, otherwise a more real-time, event-driven, and streaming approach just does not have the desired impact.

To help our customers in their API journey, we provide single, as well as multi-day workshops, in six distinct areas, helping enterprise groups think through how they do APIs:

Discovery – Knowing where all of your APIs are.
Design – Focus in on an a design, virtualized API life-cycle.
Deployment – Educating about the many ways in which APIs are deployed..
Operations – Educating about properly operating API infrastructure.
Outreach – Helping understand how to reach out internally and externally.
Governance – Understanding how to measure, report, and evolve API operations.

These six areas help our customers think about how they can be investing in the consistent delivery of services across the enterprise, with partners, and even in public, using APIs. Helping walk them through what they’ll need to find success with their operations at scale, across many distributed teams, in a consistent way.

If you are interested in learning more about our API life cycle workshops feel free to reach out, we are happy to get you a quote for a workshop with your team. We are regularly conducting workshops across the United States, and in Europe, and are happy to see what it would take to bring one to your enterprise group, helping you push forward the API conversation across your team.

AI in Finance White paper - API Life Cycle

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