The Nine Stack Exchange APIs That Are Perfect For Streaming

Continuing our look at some of the APIs we’ve profiled that have the highest StreamRank, we wanted to showcase the top API paths for turning into streams from our favorite API–Stack Exchange.  The question and answer Stack Exchange API provides some of the richest sources of data for streaming on a variety of topics, across a whole network of sites. It is one of the best sites for firing up topical streams and tuning into a wide variety of topics out there.

Stack Exchange
Stack Exchange is a network of question and answer websites on diverse topics in many different fields, each site covering a specific topic, where questions, answers, and users are subject to a reputation award process. The sites are modeled after Stack Overflow, a forum for computer programming questions that was the original site in this network. The reputation system is designed to allow the sites to be self-moderating.

Here are the nine separate paths we recommend tapping with and turn into server-sent events (SSE) streams:

Get Answers (GET) – Returns all the undeleted answers in the system
Get Badges (GET) – Returns all the badges in the system
Get Comments (GET) – Gets all the comments on the site
Get Event (GET) – Returns a stream of events that have occurred on the site
My Questions (GET) – Returns the questions owned by the user associated with the given access_token
Get Posts (GET) – Fetches all posts (questions and answers) on the site
Get Questions (GET) – Gets all the questions on the site
Search (GET) – Searches a site for any questions which fit the given criteria
Get Tags (GET) – Returns the tags found on a site

We are working a variety of different prototypes using Stack Exchange APIs. When it comes to understanding what is going on across the tech sector, we’d say that Github is one of the only richer sources of data beyond Stack Exchange. When it comes to understanding what developers are saying about tech, the Stack Exchange site Stack Overflow has the most relevant questions, as well as answers you should be tuning into.

Stack Exchange is just one of the many APIs we have profiled as part of the API Gallery, and one of the sources of data that has an extremely high StreamRank. Turning the topics available via Stack Exchange into streaming topics for users to tune into via dashboards, and for use in training, machine learning models is an excellent example of why we are investing in the API Gallery so that we can continue identifying the best sources of data for proxying with services.

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