The Next Generation API Gallery

We have had a gallery of APIs that we’ve profiled for some time now, where we showcase different APIs in a variety of categories, showcasing potential APIs you can proxy with For each API we’ve published a page with details about what the API does, and the provider behind them, as well as some of the benchmarking data we’ve gathered showing whether or not the API has real-time potential, and would make a good candidate for streaming using our services. Over the last couple of months, we’ve shifted the API Gallery into high gear, profiling many more APIs, and changing how we publish APIs. API GalleryThe new API Gallery has 285 different entities with 9,850 API paths spanning 397 topics profiled now. We’ve changed up the technology behind the gallery, leveraging Github, and Github Pages to publish the sprawling gallery and are using the OpenAPI specification as the data core behind the gallery. Turning the gallery into a machine-readable, forkable, continuously integratable catalog of valuable APIs that can potentially be streamed using our services. Organizing the API landscape into an easy to navigate catalog of APIs, that you can actually put to use in your applications, and explore the companies behind each of the APIs profiled.

APIs in the API gallery are broken down into separate Github repositories, grouped by topic or by an organization. With each individual node possessing its own subdomain that can be bookmarked, providing a simple URL for accessing each list of APIs. Providing as much detail as we can about each available API, and breaking down each individual API path into its own detail page. Allowing consumers to navigate the thousands of APIs by itself, providing a single unit of compute that can be put to work in applications, and potentially streamed using our services. Equipping our customers with a potential map to the world of streaming, and event-driven APIs.

We are soft launching the API Gallery over the next couple of weeks while we continue to profile APIs, adding to the number of companies, APIs, and topics. Once we have more APIs benchmarked showing the potential for streaming using our services, and more streaming APIs profiled we’ll begin to turn up the volume on the gallery. Until then we are just going to keep profiling APIs, adding to the catalog of APIs, and let search engines index the vast gallery of APIs. As we work our way through different industries, and profile interesting APIs we’ll be telling the story here on the blog, helping educate folks about the potential for streaming the APIs we are profiling and continue making sense of the API landscape as it grows and continues to expand.

Next Generation API Gallery

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