The Event Types API From OneLogin

We have spent a lot of time showcasing the different event types used by API providers when it comes to rolling out and supporting their event-driven approaches to doing APIs. We’ve showcased payment event types, the event types used in email delivery, as well as an example of event types used on document platforms. Sharing lists of event types available via any maturing API platform is essential to helping API consumers understand what types of meaningful events are occurring and what they can subscribe to when it comes to webhooks, streams, and other publish and subscribe models. While studying the API landscape and looking for event-driven architectural models we came across an interesting approach from the unified access management platform and their API from OneLogin.

OneLogin has a robust event-driven architecture API, with a single path dedicated to getting event types. Going beyond the static list we have showcased from other API providers, and actually serving up, and evolving the available event types using an API. Here is a breakdown of the event type API provided by OneLogin:

Get Event Types
This call returns a list of all OneLogin event types available to the Events API, providing event type names, event type IDs, and descriptions.

Resource URL
– https://api.<us_or_eu>

Header Parameter

Content-Type (string) – Set to application/json
Sample Response
200 OK

"status": {
"error": false,
"code": 200,
"type": "success",
"message": "Success"
"data": [
"name": "APP_ADDED_TO_ROLE",
"description": "App %app% added to role %role%",
"id": 1
"description": "App %app% removed from role %role%",
"id": 2
"description": "%actor_user% assumed %user%",
"id": 3
"description": "Assigned %role% to user %user%",
"id": 4
"description": "%user% logged into OneLogin",
"id": 5

Postman Collection
Be sure to set Postman-specific environment variables indicated by {{ }}.
Download for the Events API

Providing a pretty interesting blueprint for event-driven architectural APIs that providers can implement as their API platforms mature towards an event-driven way of doing business. We also found OneLogin’s usage of Postman as part of their documentation worth noting, allowing API consumers to onboard and use the API immediately from the documentation page–a separate, but positive pattern that API providers should consider.

We will be showcasing the other API paths available as part of OneLogin’s unique approach to delivering their event-driven architecture. They have a handful of other API paths available, but we felt showcasing their event types API was worth its own story, to help contrast previous stories we’ve done on more static event type pages. Adding to our toolbox of healthy event-driven architectural patterns that can be applied as API platforms evolve and remain competitive in an increasingly crowded landscape.

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