The Containerization And Orchestration Of The API Ecosystem

The world of APIs is all about reducing the scope of our digital assets so they can be more easily moved around and made accessible for use in the application where they are needed. Everything in the API sector in the last decade has been about reducing everything to a transaction so that they can be more easily managed, and put to work across the web, via mobile devices, and increasingly in device and even network-based applications. If it is a valuable asset within the enterprise, it is being made available via APIs, in its smallest possible unit of compute. This evolution has picked up momentum in the last couple of years with the microservices movement, which is centered on the decomposition of the enterprise software monolith that has grown in scope over the last 20+ years. This is something that has been further escalated with the introduction of the container, the latest evolution in the virtualization of compute. Something that has worked in conjunction with the development of simple, modular, and scalable API resources. Allowing APIs to be self-contained, scalable, and deployable anywhere you can run containerization technology, across any cloud or on-premise infrastructure.

Another significant part of this evolution is when API service providers practice what they preach, and make sure they provide APIs for their API infrastructure. Allowing APIs to be delivered, operated, scaled, and orchestrated using APIs. Allowing API infrastructure to possess the same characteristics of the digital resources they are making available. We are making another round of investment in our API for helping orchestrate event-driven architecture, but we are also rolling out a containerized edition of infrastructure. Helping make our event-driven, and streaming infrastructure deployable anywhere you need it–keeping pace with where the API sector has been evolving in recent years.

Keeping our finger on the pulse of where things are headed in the API space is what we do, here at We aren’t just making it easy for companies to deliver streaming, and event-driven architecture on top of their existing request and response infrastructure, we are also making it easier to deliver your event-driven architecture, allowing it to live side by side with your other infrastructure using containers, and be orchestrated more efficiently using APIs. Helping your company, organization, institution, and government agency roll out, scale, and manage your business infrastructure more efficiently. Keeping pace with where the rest of the API space is headed when it comes to optimizing our businesses to be more competitive across the digital landscape.

AI in Finance White paper - containerization

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