Streamlining Access To Your Digital Resources Using APIs

The end goal here at is to help our customers deliver data more efficiently using streaming APIs. With almost all of our customers, our primary focus ends up being around helping our customers streamline access to their digital resources using APIs. Streaming and other event-driven approaches bring a lot of benefits to the table, but it is something that requires a mature level of API operations to already exist before it can be realized, something not all of our customers are quite ready for. With this reality in mind, over the last year, has been pushing it’s focus to earlier in the API lifecycle, and working more with our partners to help ensure companies, organizations, institutions, and government agencies are better able to streamline access to their digital resources using APIs.

The first and most significant challenge we help our customers with is focused on API discovery, and getting a handle on where all of their digital assets are. Most large enterprise organizations struggle with knowing what all of their valuable data, web service and API infrastructure actually is. While many groups have an application and web services catalog in place, few of them are up to date, and almost every company we talk with struggle with knowing exactly where all their individual web services and APIs are. The first order of business with most of our client engagements is to assist teams in developing their API discovery strategy, and prepare for the future.

As all of the valuable digital resources are being located, we also begin working with our customers to flesh out the rest of their API strategy, beginning with design, but then moving to development, operations, outreach, and if they are ready, governance. Our objective is to get their enterprise organization to the point where they will need Distribute™ and are ready to invest more into their event-driven approach. However, in order to be ready, we need each enterprise customer to have a handle on where their API resources are, and ensure they are designed, developed, and operated in a consistent way.

We find that this shift earlier on in the API lifecycle is helping our customers with their API discovery, as well as their overall API journey. A smarter start in the journey will be essential to not just our customer’s success, but for our own. Well orchestrated event-driven API infrastructure is only possible at scale when you have a well-defined catalog of microservices. Making API discovery essential to the business model, and like the rest of the API sector, we will also benefit from there being well-designed APIs, that are developed, and operated in consistent ways across many industries. Pushing to be more about streamlining access to digital resources as it is about actually streaming those resources to the web, mobile, and other critical applications.

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