Streaming Conversation Using The Disqus API Platform

After bench-marking APIs we’ve published to the API Gallery we go through each of the individual API paths and identify the ones that have the high potential for turning into real-time streams, for use in dashboards, mobile applications, training machine learning models, and other applications. After we’ve StreamRanked them, we publish to a special listing of APIs and make sure we profile individually here on the blog. Next on the list of valuable data APIs is the commenting and discussion Disqus API platform .

Disqus is an online discussion and commenting service for websites and online communities that uses a networked platform. The company’s platform includes various features, such as social integration, social networking, user profiles, spam and moderation tools, analytics, email notifications, and mobile commenting.

Relevant Links:

– Website
– Blog
– Github
– Support
– Twitter

High-Value API Paths:
– Categories List (GET) – Get category listings
– Categories ListPosts (GET) – Get posts by category list.
– Categories ListThreads (GET) – Get listing threads by category list.
– Forums InterestingForums (GET) – Get interesting forums.
– Forums ListFollowers (GET) – Get followers for forums
– Forums ListPosts (GET) – Get posts for forums
– Forums ListThreads (GET) – Get conversation threads for forums
– Forums ListUsers (GET) – Get forums users.
– Posts List (GET) – Get posts.
– Posts ListPopular (GET) – Get popular posts.
– Threads List(GET) – Get conversation threads.
– Threads ListHot (GET) – Get hot conversation threads.
– Threads ListPopular (GET) – Get popular conversation threads.
– Threads ListPosts (GET) – Get popular posts.
– Interesting Users (GET) – Get interesting users.

Disqus is used across millions of sites for managing the discussions around blog posts and other content. It provides a rich store of information around a variety of topics, which can be turned into data streams for use in other applications. You can access all of the available paths for Disqus in the API Gallery, as well as the high-value API paths that we’ve profiled as part of this post. Disqus is one of those unique content APIs that provide access across many different topics and domains, making it perfect for turning into data streams for a variety of purposes.

You can find more high-value APIs in the StreamRank portion of the API Gallery, and access Disqus and the hundreds of other API providers we’ve profiled as part of the API Gallery. Everything runs as individual Github repositories, driven by OpenAPI definitions, which makes it all fork-able and integrate into your own applications and systems.

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