Streams JavaScript SDK : new version is out! and JS logo next to computer and coffee

Summer starts with some great news: in order to ensure compatibility with the latest web frameworks (like Angular or Vue.js) we have rewritten JavaScript SDK in TypeScript and the new version is available right now. You can find it in our GitHub repository.

giphy (1)Just like all the best things in life, the new JavaScript SDK comes with different flavors so you can pick your favorite : one for standard web development, that can both used in ES5, ES6 or TypeScript, and another one for Node.js applications.
This new SDK is available through npm. Just run

npm install streamdataio-js-sdk

After that, you can import the module with:

import  {StreamDataIo} from 'streamdataio-js-sdk'

Using ES5 syntax, you can also import the SDK by adding a reference to streamdataio.min.js script. Basically, like this:

<script src="node_modules/streamdataio-js-sdk/dist/bundles/streamdataio.min.js"></script>

For Node.js, you can require the module as follows:

var streamdataio = require('streamdataio-js-sdk/dist/bundles/streamdataio-node');

Some samples on how to integrate this SDK in JavaScript applications are available here. More details about those demo apps will be coming soon. In case you have any question in the meantime, the comment section below is yours, feel free to post and we’ll get back to you.

Of course, we’re also wishing you all a very nice summer, filled with sunshine, family, friends and laughters. On our side, we’ll be working hard on a bunch of surprises we hope to share with you before the end of the year. Stay tuned!

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