Join And Kin Lane The API Evangelist For Fireside Chat At Paris API Meetup This Wednesday October 24th, 2018

We are working with PeopleDoc to throw a last-minute API Meetup in Paris this Wednesday October 24th, 2018. Since we have Kin Lane (@kinlane), the API Evangelist (@apievangelist) in town, we figured we’d throw an event, and get him on to do a fireside chat about APIs. The organizers of the Paris API Meetup were more than happy to help us arrange the gathering in such short notice, making this all possible at the last-minute.

The API Meetup will be an informal conversation with Kin Lane about the technology, business, and politics of APIs, sharing his knowledge on the space, with an emphasis on what he’s been working on lately. Bringing his knowledge of the API life cycle, as well as his unique view on API discovery, and most recently event-driven architecture, as part of his work with the team.

The gathering will be Wednesday, October 24, 2018 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at PeopleDoc, located at 53 rue d’Hauteville in Paris. will make sure there is food and drink for everyone to enjoy as we gather to discuss APIs, and learn from the API Evangelist. It looks like there will already be 30 people in attendance, and with a little more buzz, we think we can get it over 50–help us spread the word.

Head over to the Paris API Meetup website for more information and make sure you RSVP to let us know you are coming. Then we will see you in Paris on Wednesday!

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