An Assortment Of Streaming APIs Available In Different Business Sectors

As we profile APIs for inclusion in the API Gallery, we are also cataloging existing streaming APIs that we find along the way. While we’d love it if API providers use for delivering an efficient streaming layer on top of their existing APIs, we are still interested in profiling, cataloging, and helping amplify existing streaming APIs. We want to learn about what technology they use to deploy the streams, as well as what type of resources they are making available. As we are profiling these existing streaming APIs, we figured we share some of them with you, to help demonstrate the diverse amount of streaming APIs that are available out there.

We found about 30 separate streaming APIs that we felt showcase a diverse slice of the resources people are making available using streaming technology, from financial to messaging. Here is a quick list for you to explore, as you explore what is possible with streaming APIs.

Flowdock Streaming API – Collaboration and teams.
DataSift STREAM for Social Data – Social content.
Plotly Streaming API – Charting and visualizations.
Nest Streaming API – Home automation.
Shodan Streaming API Documentation – Search engine.
Zendesk Real Time Chat API – Support and messaging.Existing Streaming APIs Available In Different Business Sectors
Clearbit Streaming – Business intelligence.
Triathlon – Sporting events
Globitex API – Bitcoin exchange.
Firebase Database REST API – Database backend.
Slack – Messaging and automation.
Bitstamp – Digital currency.
MatterMost – Cloud computing.
Bitmex – Digital currency.
– Artik – Cloud computing
– Bitshares – Digital Currency
Nexmo  – Voice and messaging.
– AlphaPoint – Digital Currency
Bits – igital Currency
Mopidy – Music.
– Yacs – Mission control system.
OkCoin – Digital currency.
IEX – Market data.
– Natterly – Messaging and chat.
Thompson Reuters – Financial data.
Barchart – Market data.
Bitfinix – Digital Currency.
Meetup – Events and gatherings.
1Forge – Market data.

We are going to be profiling these APIs using the AsyncAPI specification format. We want to help quantify the resources that are available via these streaming APIs. We will then take this index of streaming APIs and add to our API Gallery, adding a layer of streaming APIs to the index. Becoming the first catalog of real-time streaming APIs available on the web, enabling folks to not just find APIs, but be able to subscribe to streams of real-time data on topics that matter to them.

If you know of any interesting streaming APIs you think should be included, feel free to Tweet or email at us, and we’ll add it to our list for profiling. If you’d like to learn more about AsyncAPI, we recommend checking out their Github documentation and getting more involved. They are just getting going with the specification, but there is a lot of potential with the specification when it comes to making sense of message and event-driven APIs, and the streams of information they are delivering.

Existing Streaming APIs Available In Different Business Sectors

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