The year at Axway! End of the year events wrap-up

Events wrap-up

Axway had a very busy year with many events on its roster. From Berlin to Australia, colleagues were on hand to take part in many fascinating seminars, as well as be proud sponsors in many events. We look back with an end of the year events wrap-up.

Events wrap-up

API Days 2018 Australia shines with Axway

Back in September 2018, API Days 2018 took place in Australia.  API Days is the country’s largest conference for business and technology IT professionals that gather to talk about all things APIs. Axway took part as a Platinum Sponsor. More than 10,000 people attended from 11 countries. This was a huge and impressive turnout, as well as a great success for Axway. Further, Axway was happy to feature Laurent Fresnel, the CTO at The Star Entertainment Group for his presentation “Star Masterclass: delivering continuous innovation with an API First approach.”

Read all about the event here.

Axway & API World bring a great meeting of API minds to San Jose

From Australia to San Jose, Axway and API World 2018 came together for a wonderful collaboration event for interacting with colleagues and workshops. API World 2018 is the largest vendor API event in the country. Axway was on hand as an honored sponsor. Our colleagues Suzanne Dowling, Senior Manager, Demand Generation at Axway was there to speak with attendees and discuss our Axway products, AMPLIFY API Builder Standalone. With over 2,000 people attending the event, API information was the topic of the day.

Arun Dorairajan
Arun Dorairajan

Also, Arun Dorairajan, a Principal Solutions Architect at Axway said: “Axway was at API World to present API and Microservices Management infrastructure solutions.” Michelle Morgan, Supervisor, Business Development Rep at Axway brought energy and vitality to the event at the Axway booth. API Days was a success.

Read more about the event here.

Ping Identity and Axway—a wonderful pair!

Back in October, Ping Identity and Axway came together to deliver superior API cyber-attack security solutions. IDENTIFY 2018 was the place to be for presenting their security resolutions and features on a grand scale.

People attending the event could learn how to prevent cyber attacks and breaches, as well as learn from cybersecurity experts. Real stories were presented for having a more secure system at their disposal. Axway was on hand as a global sponsor for Ping #IDENTIFY2018  events that took place in North America and Europe.

Read more about the event here.

IDC DevOps Conference

Back in September 2018, Axway was on hand for the IDC DevOps conference at the Inmarsat Conference Center in London. Axway had a booth, which included three banners and covered such subjects from APIs, AMPLIFY and Syncplicity.

The IDC DevOps conferences span over 50 years. They provide IT advisory services to businesses and governments on technological issues in more than 110 countries.


IDC DevOps conference provided attendees with a superior platform to gain new knowledge and understanding.

Learn more about the event here.

Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2018

In November in Barcelona, Spain, the Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2018 took place. Axway was happy to be a Platinum sponsor at the event. Axway displayed their API knowledge and expertise to over 6,000 attendees. With an engaging booth, Axway “covered secure internal and external file sharing, content collaboration and integration with Office 365.”

Axway also explored their AMPLIFY Integration Platform and talked about customer success stories. Barcelona made for a terrific backdrop to network with attendees and learn about Axway and their products.

IDC innovation summit in China wrap-up: API solution

Beijing, China was the wonderful setting for the IDC Digital Transformation Summit 2018 when Axway and their customer, CITIC Group, came together for the digital transformation event. Axway was a Diamond sponsor and brought their energy and know-how to their booth for attendees to learn about AMPLIFY API Management solutions.


The summit brings leaders together from the digital transformation industries from across the globe. The highlight for Axway was seeing CITIC Group win the “Digital Leader of the Year Award” thanks in part to our AMPLIFY API solution. Read more about the event here.

Axway Automator Customers’ Day

In November, Axway ITOM (IT Operations Management) invited their Automator clients to the “Automator Customers’ Day.” This event was held at the beautiful Shangri-La hotel in Paris, the previous palace of Prince Roland Bonaparte, which was built in the late 19th century.


This networking opportunity was a terrific platform to share fun moments with our clients, as well as showcase the upcoming version of the product to its customers. Preview demonstrations were on hand that will take place in 2019.

This event featured the accomplishments of the Axway Automator business automation solution among its consumers. With a growing demand for the tool itself in today’s digital world and Hybrid Integration, the event was a success for all that attended.

Women Hack in Dublin

Dublin was the next hot spot to be when the Women Hack took place. Axway there as one of three Gold sponsors for the event. This compelling event focuses on promoting women in the IT sector. With strong networking and great knowledge throughout, Axway came away with strong candidates for possible positions within the company.

EVENTS WRAP-UP women hack

Axway also had the opportunity to showcase their colleague’s talents, Melissa Collins, Principal Software Architect 1, gave a speech about working at Axway globally and in the Dublin office. With a terrific space to learn about the numbers and future of women in the IT sector, Axway gained valuable information for the future.

Learn more about the event here.

Axway at Gartner Application Strategies & Solutions Summit

Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas featured the Gartner Application Strategies & Solution Summit. The summit focused on the latest methods that enable you to improve existing applications to drive digital transformation.

The name of the game for the summit was the topic of digital transformation. From API Management to microservices, the vital need to propel businesses into the future was the mainframe of the event. Axway’s very own Dan Tortorici led a striking panel on API best practices. This included the necessary component of thinking of APIs as products rather than just projects.

Read more about the event here in this article wrap-up.

Axway and the DataCity Innovation Program: A great combo!

Innovation was the keyword of the day as Axway and Sopra Steria took part in the innovation challenge! Both companies were there to present at the DataCity Innovation Program. This event was sponsored by the city of Paris. The event allowed Axway to have a thought-provoking discussion for the future. This made for a great collaboration for Axway and achieving digital innovation.

Read more about the event here.

Enterprise Business Collaboration in Berlin wrap-up—effective EFSS solutions

Berlin, Germany was the setting for the Enterprise Business Collaboration event. Axway took part as an honored sponsor. This event included Robert Melzer, EMEA’s Customer, Success Engineer for Syncplicity who gave an upbeat speech on choosing effective EFSS solutions. Read about the seven strategic guidelines for an effective EFSS solution.

This event allows for excellent networking opportunities in a casual setting. Axway had over three days to network, present and collaborate with other industry leaders. Over 200 people were on hand at the event. Further, Robert also presented use cases as examples of effective EFSS solutions.

Read more about the event here in this wrap-up article.

APIdays event wrap-up: All things come back to APIs

Montrouge, France was the location for the large gathering of APIdays in December. APIs was the topic of the day and presented by many industry leaders. With over 3,000 people in attendance for networking and learning opportunities, much was accomplished. Axway, as a Silver sponsor, was on hand with a fun booth to discuss APIs and digital transformation.


Some of the interesting topics on the roster with “Principle for the slow web, an ethical approach for building software,” as well as Paolo Malinverno, VP Research at Gartner speaking about the “State of the API industry.”


Axway’s Laura Heritage, Director Solution Management was in the house to speak about going “Beyond API Products.” Further, Axway’s David McKenna presented on “Organized chaos—API and Microservices Traffic Management.” David led the room with a fascinating presentation.

Another topic of interest that was covered was art and APIs. “Authentication Programming Interface: How authenticity can be built into your APIs.”

APIdays was a fantastic event for networking and learning. If you didn’t know anything about APIs, you came away fully versed.

Read more about the event here.

2018 was a banner year for Axway. It came to a great conclusion with wonderful opportunities to present our solutions, as well as network with industry colleagues. Here’s to a great 2019.

Learn more about Axway and their products here.

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