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Three ways to modernize your APIs

modernize APIs

People are always asking all the time, why do I need to modernize APIs? Is this really necessary? For starters, there are many reasons. Here are three ways you can modernize APIs.

Modernize APIs to help you save money!

When you say modernize, most people automatically think it will cost the company a fortune. Yet, to modernize, it’s important to think about the end cost and how it will save you money.

When planning your modernization strategy for APIs, the cost per dollar is certainly important. It’s not enough to just purchase the newest, shiny model that comes out on the market every year. You need to have a firm strategy in place and to plot out your API modernization course logically. This includes investing in ways to make your APIs sound and secure. Start with the lowest end of the spectrum and work your way up. APIs that can be reused are certainly cost-effective and worthy of utilization. Further, the basic structure is the name of the game to have a positive cost-effective strategy in place.

Governance: Why bother?

Governance has all sorts of meanings. For one thing, at times it seems like a high-wire act. But to have the most suitable governance in place to modernize your APIs, you need to have a sufficient overview to make sure you are not losing full-on control over your APIs. (Read why you need API Governance to build for the future.) This ensures that your APIs will not be slowing you down anytime soon. Axway AMPLIFY™ API Management is a catalyst to help with this problem. For one thing, with this structure in place, it helps you to build a wide-ranging API Catalog.

With an API catalog functionality, you can share resources with other API communities. In the end, with this small investment for securing your APIs with a full lifecycle, the returns are worth the payout in the long run.

Utilize API layer

A third reason to modernize APIs is to use a common API layer. This allows for a ground to cloud capability. This capacity is a necessity to get from A to B that exists for prior architectures.

Be aware that these cloud apps don’t just all of a sudden to their jobs with on-premise applications, you need a safeguard in place that extends these structures for the APIs. This helps to ensure that the life of the API will extend beyond the different components and come together in a seamless manner.

With the AMPLIFY API Management package in place, it can be positioned to work with other formations to make for a smoother transition. The reason being that AMPLIFY can be implemented in the cloud, on-premise or a hybrid of the two–a win-win all around. This makes for a sweet investment for modernization in the end.

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