Event Types Emerging Out of Email Focused Event-Driven Architecture

We are continuing our look at the different types of events being used across the event-driven architecture that is emerging across the most mature API platforms out there. We enjoy studying the approach these API platforms are taking to make their platforms more real time, and responding to the events that matter to consumers. We’ve looked at payment event types, other more unique event types, and event learned about premium enterprise event types, and now we wanted to look at some of the event types used as part of email delivering systems.

An example of email focused event types can be found over at the Mailgun API, with the following nine event types that drive their webhooks portion of their infrastructure:

accepted – Mailgun accepted the request to send/forward the email and the message has been placed in queue.
rejected – Mailgun rejected the request to send/forward the email.
delivered – Mailgun sent the email and it was accepted by the recipient email server.
failed – Mailgun could not deliver the email to the recipient email server.
opened – The email recipient opened the email and enabled image viewing. Open tracking must be enabled in the Mailgun control panel, and the CNAME record must be pointing to
clicked – The email recipient clicked on a link in the email. Click tracking must be enabled in the Mailgun control panel, and the CNAME record must be pointing to
unsubscribed – The email recipient clicked on the unsubscribe link. Unsubscribe tracking must be enabled in the Mailgun control panel.
complained – The email recipient clicked on the spam complaint button within their email client. Feedback loops enable the notification to be received by Mailgun.
stored – Mailgun has stored an incoming message

Demonstrating the most meaningful events that occur around the sending and receiving of emails. Reflecting what email API consumers are wanted to be notified of when it comes to their email operations. Again, showing how API infrastructure can evolve beyond being just a request and response game, and become about event-driven APIs. Webhooks like the Mailgun API platform offers is just the early stages of event-driven architecture, with streaming APIs being the next logical step when it comes to allowing consumers to subscribe to to the event streams that matter to them.

We will keep profiling event-driven architecture employed by the APIs we are profiling as part of the API Gallery. We find there are endless lessons available when it comes to studying the emerging event-driven landscape. Eventually we will be publishing a guide to event types in use across many different business sectors, helping demonstrate how events can be used in different ways. Helping contribute to the standardization of event-driven architecture across the space, while also bringing more attention to services.

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