Tuning Into The Event-Driven Architecture Leadership Around Kafka

It can be tough to keep up with where technology is headed, especially when it comes to fast moving areas like streaming, real time, and event-driven architecture. We really appreciate it when other companies, organizations, institutions, and government agencies share their knowledge, wisdom, and insight on approaches to delivering technology. So, we have set out to find all the interesting stories around event-driven architecture, and begin building a catalog of stories, as well as identifying the leadership that exists when it comes to the event-driven architecture landscape.

As we read the news, we are always curating interesting news about event-driven architecture, and bookmarking articles and other resources we can use in our research, and share with our customers, to help them understand the event-driven architecture landscape. Here are a handful of the more interesting articles we have found when it comes to Kafka, providing a wealth of knowledge for our customers and readers to learn from.

Tuning Into The Event-Driven Architecture Leadership Around KafkaLinkedIn: Kafka Ecosystem at LinkedIn
Netflix: Kafka Inside Keystone Pipeline
Ancestry: On Track to Data-Driven
New York Times: Publishing with Apache Kafka at The New York Times
Pinterest: Using Kafka Streams API for predictive budgeting
Rabobank: Real-time Financial Alerts at Rabobank with Apache Kafka’s Streams API
Airbnb: Scaling Airbnb’s Payment Platform
CloudFlare: Squeezing the firehose: getting the most from Kafka compression
Etsy: Etsy “going all in” with Kafka as dataflow pipeline
Loggly: Why Loggly Loves Apache Kafka, and How We Use Its Unbreakable Messaging for Better Log Management
Paypal: From Big Data to Fast Data in Four Weeks or How Reactive Programming is Changing the World

The momentum around Kafka has been building over the last five years. As you can see, some big name companies are putting it to work internally, and shifting what the API landscape looks like, and works for them. This type of leadership is important. Not just utilizing the latest in technology, but actually providing leadership around the how and why you are doing it, publishing your stories as blog posts, and white papers. It is this type of knowledge exchange that helps move industries forward, and make sure there is a healthy balance to what happens behind the scenes, and what exists publicly in the commons. The strongest players in technology are usually happy to tell their story, as they don’t see the tools or process as their strength, but their execution is where the true value lies.

If you are using Kafka, we’d love to hear your story. If you are considering using Kafka, and are looking for a particular use case, or industry focused usage of Kafka to learn from–feel free to reach out. We might have a story or white paper bookmarked, and happy to reach out to our partners, as well as some of the leaders in the API space to share more about how they are putting Kafka to work. Consider us as a bridge between where you are currently with your infrastructure, and where you envision event-driven architecture existing as part of your future road map–then helping you get where you need to be.

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