Helping Make Sure You Can Confidently Deliver Simple JSON Web APIs

After talking with numerous companies about real time, streaming, and event-driven architecture, one things is very clear: most companies need help getting to the point where they are even able to define, deploy, and manage simple JSON web APIs. In the startup world, we tend to focus on the leading edge of where things are going with technology, but within the companies, organizations, institutions, and government agencies we are engaging with outside the echo chamber, many are working very hard to just play catch up with where technology is.

This is nothing to be ashamed of. Most of the folks we meet with are just doing the best they can, with the resources they have. They don’t always have the time, energy, and skills to understand the API landscape, and develop the awareness of where they should be investing. Most groups we talk with know they should be doing something with APIs, but identifying exactly what that should be, and how they should get there, is something they are struggling with. To help folks move this conversation forward, we’ve been stepping up and consulting to help them craft an actionable API strategy, and figure out what the next steps are.

JSON Web APIs - picture by WOCinTechChat.comIn response to this need from our customers, we have been ramping up our consulting services to help groups get their API operations to the place where they can take full advantage of our streaming architecture. We understand that not everyone is ready, and we don’t want them to be left behind when it comes to competitive benefits of doing APIs. This is why we are helping them understand the basics of defining, designing, mocking, deploying, documenting, managing, testing, monitoring, and even evangelizing their APIs. Assisting groups evolve how they are pushing forward their existing infrastructure and realize what it means to be truly API-first when conducting business today.

We’ve begun working with banks, insurance, healthcare, government, transit, and a handful of other groups to develop a strategy taking them from talking about APIs, to actually doing APIs. Starting small, but then quickly iterating, developing the skills they need to confidently operate simple JSON web APIs. Bring our collective API experience to the table, until groups have their own plan, and able to confidently execute their own API programs. We find that teams usually have everything they need, they just need a solid plan in place before moving to the next step, and someone along for the ride to help ensure they don’t make any common mistakes out of the gate. Then after operating for a while, eventually they need us less, and less.

We will be sharing more stories from consulting projects as we can get approval from the teams we are working with, helping everyone understand we aren’t just about streaming existing web APIs. If you’d like to know more about the API consulting services we offer, feel free to reach out. We want to make sure everyone understands that we aren’t just about proxying and streaming your existing APIs, and we can assist you in your overall API journey. Making sure you know we are invested in ensuring that you have the simple JSON web APIs you need to get business done, helping you expose your existing infrastructure as low-cost, efficient, and easy to adopt web technologies.


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