API Integrations Running In Your AWS Infrastructure

We are rolling out a new line of serverless API integrations using AWS Lambda to help our customers stream data from existing APIs into their AWS infrastructure. We are beginning with AWS Lambda functions that stream data from common API data sources into Amazon S3 data lakes, but we are also planning for connectors that will stream into relational and non-relational database stores, as well as POST to external systems using webhooks. Making it easy for any company, organization, institution, or government to stream data into their existing AWS infrastructure.

You hear a lot of discussion around on-premise, and delivering software solutions within a company’s own data center, but we find that making sure we can deliver on-premise solutions within customer’s existing cloud infrastructure to be even more important. With the healthy lead Amazon enjoys in the cloud market, we find that empowering our customers to stream data within their existing AWS infrastructure is a great place to begin. We find AWS Lambda to be one of the most plug and play, easiest to install approaches for deploying streaming solutions within our customer’s existing AWS infrastructure–making it the first place we are investing our time and energy when it comes to cloud connectors.

To find all of our AWS Lambda scripts we have been building, all you have to do is search for “Streamdata” in the AWS Serverless Application Gallery We only have four published there currently, allowing you to stream stock market, Stack Exchange, Reddit, and Twitter data. However, we are working on publishing more serverless streaming solutions from the APIs we’ve published in the API Gallery and identified to have value when it comes to streaming data. All of the serverless functions are designed to stream into Amazon S3 data lakes, but if you’d like to have them publish to other AWS infrastructure, please let us know–we are happy to prioritize our work based upon your needs.

After we get approximately 50 serverless connectors published to the directory, we are going to move to the delivery of more seamless streaming solutions, where your usage is added to our AWS infrastructure bill, and you won’t need to set up a account if you don’t want to. Our goal is to abstract away the account set up for not just, but also for the APIs we are providing connectors for, allowing for seamless streaming of data into your existing AWS infrastructure, consolidating all billing into your AWS bill as well. Making it easier for data consumers to consolidate the access and billing for hundreds or even thousands of separate data sources into a single AWS solution, consolidating the technical integration and business billing into a single frictionless solution.

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