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Securely enable Open Everything – Full Demo

Welcome to the IMAGINE SUMMIT 2020!

It’s about constantly changing the environment and how enterprises can stay agile, secure while expanding the ecosystem and have the speed to market to fulfill their customer expectations.

ACME Commerce is a:

  • Fast-growing international clothes retailer
  • Welcomes marketplace sellers on their site
  • Offers API access for inventory/orders

ACME Challenges

This is a reminder of the challenge. What inhibits securely opening everything — aligning merchandising, marketing, sourcing, and fulfillment to win, serve, and retain customers. What inhibits enterprises from growth? Core challenges:

  • Track inventory across multiple processes with limited flexibility to adjust
  • Quickly roll-out and scale partner and consumer onboard capabilities
  • Single plan of glass across the ecosystem

So how do they achieve their objective?

AMPLIFY Platform

Helps ACME Commerce with below:

The drawing below describes how different capabilities are brought together to achieve digital outcomes.

We all know a lot happens behind the scene and we offer your teams to come and learn behind the scene work with our team presenting you “Demo Deep Dive” as per the below schedule:

  1. September 8 – EMEA 11am CEST
  2. September 9 – Americas 2pm ET
  3. September 10 – APAC 11am SGT

Sign up for one of these webinars HERE.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Stay Tuned and Stay Safe!


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