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Announcing a new kind of API marketplace. Yours.

Announcing a new kind of API marketplace. Yours.

What if you made API consumption faster and easier? What if app developers didn’t have to hunt around for the right API because it’s already packaged and neatly categorized in a central API marketplace you built, where it can be found and adopted instantly? Think of how quickly you can move your new digital initiative to market.

Amplify Enterprise Marketplace can help you build yours.

Let’s say you’re ready to unleash a new digital service on the world. The plan is to embed it in a complementing digital service offered by another company. Maybe it’s a car care monitoring assistant that’s part of a local auto dealer’s mobile app, or a home inspection offer that automatically activates when borrowers sign with a digital mortgage provider.

Whatever it is, if you want companies to integrate your new service, their app developers need to find and adopt the right API from your enterprise. The faster they can do this, the sooner your offering hits the market, starts reeling in new customers, and adds value to your API investment.

Not all API repositories are the same, though. Yours may include the right API, but developers have to rummage through a chaotic pile of other APIs to discover it. Then again, your API may be easy to find, but difficult to adopt because it’s not supported by the right API management platform and wasn’t developed with consumption in mind, meaning:

  • It’s difficult to subscribe to
  • It can’t be tracked or measured for performance
  • It might not align with your business goals
  • It’s incompatible with multiple teams, patterns, deployments, or gateway vendors
  • It’s unmanaged and, therefore, not secure
  • It originates from a dev team that doesn’t have the autonomy to work with the tools they need
  • It can’t produce the ROI you expected

Amplify Enterprise Marketplace from Axway is designed to help you overcome each of these issues. It allows you to package your APIs by business function in a central location, so you can present and market your APIs as the valuable products they are.

A marketplace you build. APIs you can monetize.

Let’s face it, the companies that pick up your new digital service also stand to reap the benefits of putting a more complete digital experience in the market faster – to the point where they’re willing to purchase a subscription to the instantly consumable API products in your marketplace. Or you might not be ready for direct monetization, but would like the indirect benefit of entry into new markets and new customers.

Either way, the idea is to make finding the right API easy for external developers. By curating and presenting API products in a more contextual way, you give outside app developers – and internal developers, for that matter – immediate access to what they’re looking for.

Being successful, however, depends on the API management platform that is the foundation for your API marketplace. For Amplify Enterprise Marketplace, that means Axway’s Amplify Platform.

Finding the right API fast with the right API management platform.

Building your own marketplace of APIs and maximizing their adoption requires a true universal API management platform – one that removes the API complexity, dev team restrictions, and IT/business misalignment that hamper introduction of your digital project.

Axway’s universal API management platform, Amplify, makes the remarkable capabilities of Amplify Enterprise Marketplace possible. Unlike other platforms that claim to be universal, Amplify encourages API adoption and enhances their management and security – regardless of pattern (REST, events, GraphQL), deployment (cloud, on-premises, or both), or vendor platform (AWS, Azure, MuleSoft, Apigee). Because of this, Marketplace enables you to:

  • Integrate your diverse API data planes
  • Validate, secure, and unify all services
  • Group and curate your API assets
  • Create API products with subscription plans
  • Enrich your API consumer experience

The Amplify platform is key to cutting down on the complexity and security issues of API discovery and deployment. What’s more, your internal API developers have the autonomy they need to create APIs without worrying about the restrictive guidelines of third-party vendor solutions.

What’s possible with Amplify Enterprise Marketplace?

With Amplify Marketplace, your IT teams can generate the data insights needed to deliver faster digital business outcomes. Specifically, it provides:

Potential new revenue streams

Centralized grouping and packaging of APIs through Marketplace lays the groundwork for treating APIs as products that external companies can purchase through subscription to get their services out to the market faster.

Agent-based, multi-gateway support

Integrate multiple API gateway solutions and data planes with no new infrastructure or policies in the data path. Users get a unified experience regardless of endpoint type and location.

Curation and aggregation

Curate, aggregate, categorize, tag, and version APIs into logical groups so that capabilities published into the marketplace (dev portal) are manageable as products and not just APIs.

Total observability

Use comprehensive dashboards to view API adoption, usage, and performance insights for both API consumers and providers across all connected environments, then drill down for more detail.

Proven Security

Leverage discovery of unmanaged APIs, automated identification of non-compliant services, and prebuilt security policies to protect your business.

Amplify Enterprise Marketplace helps you get the most value out of every API your company develops by removing API complexity and making APIs easier to find and adopt. That way, you can unleash your new game-changing digital on the world… faster.

Discover our interactive eBook for more insight into a whole new kind of API marketplace.

Key Takeaways

  • The consumption of APIs is greatly impacted by how they are presented to the market.
  • Some API repositories make it difficult for developers to find services, while other times, the APIs are easy to discover but difficult to adopt.
  • Amplify Enterprise Marketplace presents and markets APIs as valuable products.
  • In combination with Axway’s Amplify Platform, you can eliminate common hurdles in API discovery and deployment, further encouraging API adoption.