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AMPLIFY Analytics: ensuring SLAs

AMPLIFY Analytics: ensuring SLAs

AMPLIFY Analytics allows you to turn your data into real-time insights for your company. This process helps to ensure your SLAs (Service Level Agreements) are being met in a timely manner. Read more about Axway AMPLIFY here.

What are SLAs

According to, an SLA is a “contract between a service provider and its internal or external customers that documents what services the provider will furnish and defines the standards the provider is obligated to meet.” To be fully visible and meet the standards that your company wants to project, AMPLIFY Analytics comes to the rescue with a set of problem-solving answers. This information helps to provide prompt and effective value to the customer.

Ensure SLAs

Consequently, how does AMPLIFY Analytics ensure SLAs? For one thing, by reducing mitigating risk factors, you can vastly improve upon your customer experience. This helps to further meet regulatory requirements and this, in turn, ensures SLAs are met in a timely manner. In other words, this technology helps to provide a fast turnaround with key results. For example, this entails large data that is provided. That is to say, along with enabling to predict possible trends and figures for the future.

Further, AMPLIFY Analytics enables you to meet your SLAs by ensuring that you have up-to-date and accurate evaluations and calculations at your disposal. With effective information at your fingertips, you can make an informed decision.

If you don’t want your SLAs impacted, you need to be able to deliver at the optimum level within a supply chain. AMPLIFY Analytics provide your team with a real-time overview so they can keep on track with such items as shipping and logistics. In the end, this all comes down to making certain that your company is running at an optimum level for the customer. With a grand oversight on your SLAs, you can ensure visibility over the quality control and payments to make certain you have the best outcome for your clients.

Banks and SLAs

Above all, different industries have various needs, that’s where AMPLIFY Analytics works to ensure your SLAs. For example, the banking industry needs to work in real-time delivery. This means yesterday isn’t an option. Banks that cannot keep up with rapid delivery for their customers run the risk of incurring fees and interest on top of other problems. Analytics helps to keep an overview of failure rates, this results in payment interruptions that can affect the bottom line. By ensuring your SLAs, AMPLIFY Analytics helps banks meet their demands. Read more about how you can improve SLAs and operational efficiency with visibility and analytics.

Analytics for other industries

From banking to transport, ensuring SLAs is imperative for any company that needs to deliver in a timely fashion. With fast turnarounds for payments to delivering the products on time, AMPLIFY Analytics makes certain that your needs are met.

Watch this video and learn how AMPLIFY ensures SLAs for the Phoenix Group.