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Becoming a digital media platform using API Management – Les Echos example


The world is always moving at a fast pace! Digital transformation has impacted the way we consume information, as well as how we rely on the media on a daily basis. In this digital era of fast-moving information, people now receive their news and information from numerous platforms and various methods.

The media landscape is always drastically evolving and changing in order to transform business models while trying to stay competitive in the digital world. This keeps their readers engaged in their content on a daily basis.

In today’s digital business which is built of apps, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots and personalized content, media outlets are under vast pressure to innovate. This is where a digital media platform using API Management comes into play for your company.

Les Echos is an award-winning daily newspaper in France owned by LVMH. They operate their media business in the highly competitive news industry which brings about many challenges in the landscape.

That being said, in order to face their digital business obstacles and further transform Les Echos into a digital media platform, the company selected Axway AMPLIFY API Management to develop new and better ways to circulate the information to their readers. This ensured the maximum amount of traffic across all of their websites was in place. A win-win for Les Echos in all categories.

Les Echos was able to create a digital media platform driven by APIs and achieve the following benefits:

  • Les Echos developed subscription business and services around a digital media platform (in three years, these services will represent over 15% of the Group’s turnover;
  • Further, they ensured the maximum amount of traffic between all the websites;
  • Lastly, it better circulates and presents information to their readers.

Watch this video to learn more. It illustrates Les Echos’ digital media platform transformation.