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Some Of The Different Types of Streaming APIs We Profile

As we profile the real-time APIs that exist out there, we are working to understand some of the motivations behind delivering different types of streaming APIs, to help us continue to educate our customers and would-be customers about the potential of using our services. There are many reasons for delivering data as real-time streams, but only a handful of approaches seem to get the most attention. So we wanted to spend some time to push the boundaries of why you might want to be employing streaming technology.

While crafting AsyncAPI definitions for existing streaming APIs we came across a few examples you might find interesting, pushing forward your idea of streaming with a variety of different approaches–here are ten we are profiling currently.

Sales and CRMS with Salesforce
Everything Social using Twitter
Messaging and Automation with Slack
Support and Chat with Zendesk
Market Data from Xignite
Digital Currency using Blockchain
Internet of Things with Nest
Sporting Events with Triathalon
In-Person Gathering With Meetup
Gaming with Twitch

Demonstrating that streaming data using APIs isn’t just about financial data or news, and there are other very relevant use cases for having streaming APIs. There are many reasons why you’d want to deliver real-time data to end-users in the browser and via mobile applications. Sometimes people just need to see real-world examples in action to understand what is possible, helping expand their view of the world.

We will keep profiling real-time APIs and categorizing them, building a catalog of potential use cases. Every once in a while we will publish a list of the use cases here, to help push forward our definition of why we would want to be proxying our APIs using, and publishing streaming APIs using Server-Sent Events(SSE). Efficiency is always the first reason we should be delivering streams, but beyond that, there is a whole world of potential reasons why we should be delivering real-time APIs to our most demanding consumers.

Different types of Streaming APIs

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