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Blocking threats to digital business with API security

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UPDATED 11/9/18

The journey to blocking threats and becoming a digital business, organizations today are making massive investments in social, mobile, cloud, big data and IoT technologies to improve the customer experience. This helps create new revenue streams and increase operational efficiency. What these digital business investments require is the delivery of APIs that go beyond the firewall and also expose sensitive data to threats from hackers. This is a win-win for everybody.

Addressing and blocking threats

To help address and block threats and protect your business, partner and consumer data, we announced enhancements to Axway 5 Suite for API Management. At the forefront of these enhancements is high performance, built-in API Firewalling that offers organizations the industry’s most comprehensive, multi-layered security approach available.

Axway 5 Suite can also help and enable you to meet the required steps by allowing you to have the correct components to integrate and watch over the flow of data which in turn can simplify compliance as well as improve efficiency. Axway 5 Suite can also help drive innovation which is also great for business.

Axway 5 Suite provides the capabilities you need to deliver new web, cloud and mobile services
via your APIs. This helps streamline data exchange with your partner and regulator community
via Managed File Transfer and B2B integration and ensure SLA and regulatory
compliance with complete visibility and control. And it does it all in a single, integrated solution.

By implementing this latest release of Axway 5 Suite and new API Firewalling capabilities, organizations are able to protect themselves against external threats, graphically configured security policies, business policies and audit trails to enforce compliance and investigate suspicious usage and advanced API analytics to monitor permitted or blocked traffic patterns.

Learn more how Axway can help your business expand the scope of its API security and support digital business initiatives.