Amplify Platform Enterprise API Strategy

What Axway AMPLIFY means for you

Digital transformation is exploding the enterprise, causing a sprawling and integration “spaghetti” effect. What does this really entail? When dealing with the technology that is involved with Axway AMPLIFY, you must deal with the three horizons: high control, IT transformation and high productivity.

High control

With high control, you are shifting from integration as highly controlled to coupled or formal integration. This falls into the category of what we normally see today as classical integration, like MFT or B2Bi. Furthermore, it’s driven by IT or an integration specialist. It’s also fine-grained with access and control, as well as slow to implement, often one-off, difficult to migrate or change.

IT transformation

With IT transformation, such as API Management, Content Collaboration or mobile integration, you have cloud support and adoption, along with an explosion of endpoints. This brings forth the democratization of data, content and application exposition.

High productivity

As a provider at Axway, it’s key to have the ability to go deeper for our customers. We ask ourselves, where do we see the future? Productivity is indeed key. For this to be obtained, we must scale businesses and routes to market through ecosystem expansion. Also, having smart integration and collaboration management is necessary for decisive adoption and collaboration.

A recent independent survey of over 500 global IT business leaders revealed wide adoption of varying integration domains and patterns. Consequently, the survey reveals five challenges across industries, geographies, and size of enterprises that remain consistent and unchanged:

  1. Security: effectivity governing and securing application/services data flow inside and outside the enterprise.
  2. Complexity: integration that leverages workflow and orchestration aligned with business objectives.
  3. Personas: enabling non-technical personas to build effectively or leverage integration through self-service. IT must move more quickly; how do we enable integration to be more effective?
  4. Adoption: reducing the barriers for multi-cloud and regional sovereignty and modern application architecture.
  5. Shadow IT: central governance with fine-grained access and controls for internal and external consumers.

The bottom line is when you bring all these elements together, application and integration leaders can improve and accelerate digital and integration transformation value by extending legacy applications and processes with new innovations and ecosystems.

Axway AMPLIFY differs from its competitors

How does Axway differ from its competitors? With AMPLIFY, we provide the go-to solution for your company’s needs. By locking in value and agility, we eliminate the siloes in managing internal and external ecosystems across integration domains. Ultimately, how are you going to govern it? How do you have consistent user rights?

SaaS- or cloud-only solutions can sometimes limit flexibility and hinders multi-persona use. They are limited in their depth and some of their functionality. That’s where AMPLIFY comes in: ONE PLATFORM, ONE EXPERIENCE.

HIP brings a new direction!

With hybrid integration platforms, you can speed the discovery, use, and deployment of integrations for new and existing customers. Also, you are able to unite traditional integration patterns and processes with new innovations and environments. Axway AMPLIFY provides the means for your enterprise for ready integration across hybrid architectures, multiple types of endpoints and different personas for faster innovation for your company.

AMPLIFY includes API Management, Managed File Transfer (MFT), B2B/EDI, Content Collaboration, mobile integration, as well as app integration. All these items bring about a unified experience.

New elements

Thanks to the new elements that have been added to AMPLIFY, you now have different designs and foundations that are now highlighted. New integration as a Platform (iPaaS) functionality brings the business advantages of application integration along with quicker delivery of new integrations. You also have the ability for easier building and maintaining apps. This allows you to deploy integration without installing any hardware or middleware.

Benefits with AMPLIFY application integration

You now have added benefits to Axway AMPLIFY which allows you to have a unified catalog alongside APIs, microservices, and flows. You can now orchestrate integrations with over 150 applications. This allows you to start quicker—hours vs. days. Thanks to the demo that was presented in my video, you can now build applications and then govern for use internally or externally. As an end user, behind the scenes, you have all the flows and orchestrations happening to make integration happen.

Additionally, you can streamline your processes to reduce manual errors. You can also extend legacy applications and processes with new innovations and ecosystems creativity combining endpoints, consumers and ecosystems in innovative ways. You also get a new MFT experience which brings great merit to AMPLIFY.

Business benefits of adopting microservices and benefits of API Management

Due to the numerous benefits of microservices, you now have at your fingertips faster delivery of new features and updates, this makes it easier to build and maintain. You also have the ability to meet unanticipated business demands.

Furthermore, you get added benefits with API Management to centralized policy management for microservices API traffic. This allows you to get started quicker, allowing for packaged maturity for microservices. This provides a clear view of all traffic across APIs and microservices.

AMPLIFY B2B partner onboarding

B2B partner onboarding with Axway AMPLIFY is now easier because it reduces enrollment and provisioning to mere minutes, this cuts down on waiting times. This increases customer satisfaction and reduces customer churn. With these proficient capabilities, you can have a faster time to the revenue which reduces costs. This slashes time with internal support resources and infrastructures costs. Thanks to the catalog, you can do onboarding either through Axway or a third party. We are agnostic. This makes the Axway catalog unique and different.

AMPLIFY is setting the gold standard for HIP

What does AMPLIFY bring to the table? HIP is setting the standard for which all hybrid integration platforms need to be. With Axway AMPLIFY, you have different endpoints, along with application integration, API-build and orchestrate, MFT service enrollment, B2Bi-Partner enrollment, microservices mesh management, along with choreography.

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