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Using The Hooks Query Language To Define Topical Webhook Subscriptions

How we are exploring the Hooks Query Language to define topical Webhook subscriptions:

Hooks:Data provides a pretty interesting webhook service, where you can get updates about thousands of topics in a single API. Providing an interesting, and useful approach to delivering event-driven experiences on top of existing APIs. Allowing users to subscribe to relevant topics, and receive notifications via webhooks and other push technology when a change occurs.

The topical webhook service provides granular access to a wide range of relevant topics in the following areas:

New TV Show Episode – i.e. Game of Thrones episode has aired
Rain in a Location – i.e. Started raining in Hillsboro
New Film Releases – i.e. Star Wars The Last Jedi is released Tomorrow
RSS Feed New Item – i.e. New Post at The Verge
New Game Release – i.e. Game is published for Xbox One
Amber Alerts – i.e. New Amber alert in WA
New Concert – i.e. A concert from Madonna is scheduled in London
Snow in a Location – i.e. Started snowing in Hillsboro
New Music Album Release – i.e. A new Music Album from Coldplay is released
Temperature drop – i.e. 10º Temperature drop in Hillsboro
Soccer Games & Scores – i.e. Real Madrid game starts and ends
Weather forecast – i.e. Weather forecast in Seattle
NFL Games & Scores – i.e. Patriots game starts and ends
Youtube Channel – i.e. New Video at Erica Griffin Channel
MLB Games & Score – i.e. Chicago Cubs game starts and ends
Pinterest Update – i.e. New Pin at jack/notificationschat-board/
NBA Games & Score – i.e. Golden State Warriors game starts and ends
Twitter Update – i.e. New tweet by @jack
NHL Games & Results – i.e. Chicago Blackhawks game starts and ends
Soundcloud Channel – i.e. New Audio at @jack channel
Stock day Changes – i.e. APPL Grows 5% in a day
iTunes Podcast Update – i.e. New Audio at @jack channel
Stock reaches level – i.e. APPL is > 200$
App Store Review – i.e. New Review for Hooks
Crypto day Changes – i.e. BTC Grows 15% in a day
Holidays – i.e. Holiday in Texas
Crypto reaches level – i.e. ETH is > 1000$
Films by Cast – i.e. New Film By Tarantino

Hooks:Data allows developers to build their hooks using what they call the Hooks Query Language, a simplified SQL-like language designed to retrieve items and apply filters over the data sources they provide. Providing a SQL like language for querying data sources, and then filtering for specific topics and events. Providing many of the same operators, ordering, and grouping that SQL provides, but specifically applied to the curated set of data sources they are providing access to.

Hooks:Data provides a unique blueprint for how an event-driven service provider can leverage existing APIs, but also provide a filtering and querying layer on top of these valuable data sources. Adding event-driven value on top of existing services, augmenting what they do, making the data locked up in these APIs more accessible, and pushed to where it needs to be. We like their approach to making the API economy more real-time and event-driven and will be something we keep an eye out, and highlight as part of the toolbox of services we showcase to our customers.


AI in Finance White paper - Hooks Query Language

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