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Understanding The Quality Of Service From UK Banking APIs

A quick dive into understanding the quality of service from UK banking APIs

We are working with our partner APImetrics to help us monitor the performance of the APIs we profile as part of the API Gallery. We don’t just want to list all the interesting APIs we come across online, we want to understand which APIs are reliable, available, and provide valuable resources that you can depend on. APImetrics provides a dead simple service for monitoring your APIs and provides dashboards and notifications to keep you in tune with how well your APIs are doing.

APIMetrics has been monitoring the banking APIs in the UK, and has recently published a dashboard for the performance of UK for July 2018. Which provides a nice high-level view of the quality of service across the biggest banks in the UK.

They really works to break down the testing results of each API, and shows the performance as seen from the top four cloud providers in multiple regions–providing the widest possible view of the reliability of your APIs.

We are working with APImetrics to eventually bring their public API monitoring results to the API Gallery, allowing users to see the CASC score for each API, and also potentially search for APIs that have the highest CASC score. We are still building out different groups of relevant APIs to monitor, and then once we have enough data, and dashboard landing pages published, we will begin linking the API monitoring results from the gallery.

If you are interested in monitoring your APIs, or developing dashboards for different industries like we did for the UK banking APIs, feel free to reach out and we’ll make sure APImetrics takes care of you. We are going to keep working with APImetrics to monitor European banks, as well as US, Canadian, and other global banks, providing dashboards that help us understand the quality of service across many different banks. Making sure they are not just meeting the regulatory requirements of PSD2 and emerging rules continuing to reshape the banking API landscape.

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