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Enhancing security for federal IT initiatives

Federal IT initiatives

The importance of security has never been more visible or crucial, given the increase and damage of security breaches in recent years. Detected security incidents are projected to increase as organizations across the public and private sectors accelerate federal IT initiatives in an effort to adapt to the changing demands of the digital age.

Federal IT initiatives

The U.S. Federal Government, international governments and other managed industries around the world, such as healthcare, face a high degree of risk when it comes to cyberattacks. “According to the Government Accountability Office, the number of cyberattacks against the federal government has risen a staggering 1,303 percent over the past decade. 1

Similarly, across the highly regulated healthcare industry, the number of security incidents has skyrocketed in recent years–with data breaches in healthcare totaling over 112 million records in 2015 alone.2

Protecting data

Protecting sensitive data and critical applications against security threats becomes increasingly difficult as well funded and resourced hackers from the Nation States target our National Security Agencies and corporate assets. From modernizing legacy systems to enabling cloud, mobile, and IoT technology adoption, Federal Government agencies must keep up with the pace of digital innovation and continuously reexamine their approach to IT to ensure mission and program success.

APIs help bridge legacy IT systems of record with modern systems of engagement–such as mobile apps–to streamline integration and enable faster delivery of digital services to meet program requirements. However, Federal IT leaders must ensure the right security is in place to protect sensitive data and applications at the interface, access and data levels.

At the same time, these organizations face more infrastructure modernization requirements, heightened demand to move applications to the cloud and support mobility, and an increase in regulations that bolster cybersecurity. Whether it’s helping to protect against security threats or safeguarding digital assets, Federal organizations today need software solutions that provide embedded security, visibility and governance.

The case for heightened protection against security threats is clear, and Federal Government agencies are taking an increasingly proactive approach to security. But how can Federal IT leaders be assured that technology vendors are prepared to meet the heightened security demands required by Federal Government agencies?

Aligning to well-defined standards is the first step

The Common Criteria is a set of internationally recognized standards used by the Federal Government to assess the security and assurance of technology products. It is the most widely recognized security certification for IT products in the world, particularly across Federal Government agencies.

Common Criteria certification provides assurance

Common Criteria certification requires vendors to go through extensive testing to ensure they meet stringent security measures before receiving this certification.

Certification is a determining factor in purchasing decisions

Federal agencies mandate that IT solutions purchased by the U.S. Government for national security systems, which handle classified information, are required to be Common Criteria certified.

Federal IT leaders are under immense pressure to protect sensitive data against security threats while keeping up with the pace of digital innovation. By partnering with IT vendors that adhere to stringent security standards, such as Common Criteria, Federal Government agencies can confidently and securely embark on digital initiatives.

Axway is proud to announce that it recently received the access control and policy management Common Criteria certification for Axway’s API Gateway, meeting the latest requirements from the U.S. Federal Government to enable mission success. Axway’s API Gateway is the only product in the web access control category to meet the strict requirements for achieving Common Criteria certification.

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