Application Integration

New User Experience on the AMPLIFY™ Platform

Not long ago, on April 2, we launched version 6.0.0 of the AMPLIFY Platform with a brand-new service offering – Application Integration – that combines capabilities such as Integration Builder, API Builder, our Runtime Services, as well as AMPLIFY Central and the Unified Catalog. Shortly after that launch, we also added two public beta programs to the platform with Mesh Governance and Choreography.

In the wake of these changes, we were curious to hear from users – what did they like or not like about the layout, the navigation model and other things that may affect their experience on the platform.

What came back quite consistently was that we needed to do a better job showing how things related to each other on the platform home page and the universal menu bar at the top. For example, some users would try to access a function on the menu – only to be redirected to a tile on the page asking them to subscribe to a service. Yet, there was not an obvious connection between the two. Generally speaking, there was also a little bit of confusion about the role of these tiles: some represented capabilities – things you can use. Others represented offerings – things you can trial or subscribe to. Some capabilities were only exposed on the menu and actions on the tiles would sometimes mean different things.

So, we decided to do something about it.

The first objective was to remove confusion about the tiles on the platform home page. To that end, we now distinguish between Offering tiles and Capability tiles. In the process, we updated the tile format, enriched and homogenized both the messages and the actions on the tiles, and updated some of the links on the universal menu bar and the footer.

Then, we reorganized the home page by introducing the notion of views including:

  • A view showing all the offerings on the AMPLIFY platform
  • A view showing which capabilities a logged in user has access to based on his/her role and his/her organization’s active subscriptions (‘My Capabilities’)
  • Several views showing the respective capabilities that support each offering

We also added logic to automatically select the appropriate default view for each organization.

Last, but not least, we made these changes:

  • All new organizations that join the platform are automatically enrolled in the two public beta programs for 120 days
  • Conversely, Application Development (aka App Dev or Titanium) switched to an on-demand Trial (instead of automatic Trial today) to align with Application Integration

And, what does it look like?

Below are a couple of screenshots. But, of course, you can look for yourself at!

Also, feel free to use the Intercom button at the bottom right of the screen if you want to share feedback or ask a question.

AMPLIFY Platform Home Page - Service Offerings and Products
When you login to the AMPLIFY Platform Home Page, you will see this list of all service offerings and products along with whether you have an active subscription or trial for an offering/product.
AMPLIFY Platform Home Page - Capabilities
This tab shows the capabilities that you have access to based on your organization’s subscription(s) and your role.

If you have further feedback, please use the Intercom button or leave a comment below. Thanks!