Application Integration

Creating Custom Connectors with AMPLIFY, Part 5: Cloud-to-Cloud Integration

Our integration specialists have created a helpful video series to walk developers through what it takes to create and launch custom integrations between their apps and external cloud services using our AMPLIFY Application Integration platform. If you missed earlier episodes, get caught up via the links below: 

One big benefit of the AMPLIFY platform is the flexibility it gives developers the ability to create and launch custom API integrations. The platform comes with 170+ pre-built integrations to popular cloud services like Slack and Salesforce—and, as the earlier video demos make clear, it’s easy to build custom connections that don’t yet exist. Our latest video explains step-by-step how to implement cloud-to-cloud integrations. Give it a look to learn how to register cloud app access, build a custom cloud-to-cloud flow template, and test that the flow works properly. 

Stay tuned for more demos of the powerful, advanced features that are easy to use in the AMPLIFY Application Integration platform.