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Mapping Out The API Lifecycle Stops That Axway Services

We are working more closely with Axway, learning more about the features their API management solution offers, as well as get more in tune with what their roadmap looks like. We are bringing our awareness of the API landscape, event-driven architecture, and of course our streaming technology to the partnership. To help quantify where they fit into our vision of the API lifecycle, we wanted to go through the list of their features, and see which stops they were servicing, providing us with a map that connects their offering with the API lifecycle consulting services we deliver on a regular basis.

When it comes to API creation, Axway provides the following:

OpenAPI and RAML Import and Export – Which we find essential for any API service provider.
SaaS Connectors Marketplace – We wrote about this last week, which we feel is critical at the API management layer.
Connector SDK – We appreciate this SDK as it helps us get up and running with connectors in their marketplace.
API Orchestration – When working with hundreds or thousands or API-driven service you have to be able to mix, match, and orchestrate with your services

Focusing in on DevOps, Axway provides the following solutions:

API Developer Portal – Providing you with a single place where all consumers and stakeholders can find your APIs.
API Catalog – Allowing for all of your APIs to be registered, and discovered as part of a wider API catalog.
API Client Registry – Also providing a register of all the clients and applications that are integrating with, and putting APIs to work.
API Developer Community – Helping you manage the community around your APIs, and engage with all of your consumers, and stakeholders.
API Governance – Assisting you in measuring, quantifying, and managing the overall quality of your API operations from beginning to end.

Looking at how APIs are being deployed:

Deployment Models – Providing blueprints for existing approaches to API deployment that can be reused, making deployment more consistent.
Docker Usage – Allowing for the more modular and scalable approach to API deployment using containers.
On-Premises – Enabling the deployment of APIs on-premise, keeping APIs more localized and available within existing infrastructure.
Multi-Vendor Cloud – Augmenting on-premise deployment, allowing for APIs to be deployed in any cloud environment.
High Availability Clustering w/ Automatic Failover – Providing the resiliency and reliability people are looking for in their APIs.
Multiple Region Deployment – Allowing for APIs to be deployed in multiple geographic regions across on-premise, and multi-cloud environments.

Other stops that bring together the overall management of the platform:

API Proxy – Allowing for the proxying of APIs and transforming into newer, more modern and reliable APIs.
API Security – Providing what is needed to secure your APIs, configure the options and policies that will determine API security.
API Firewall – Offering a firewall for defending our API infrastructure augmenting the web firewall capabilities and blocking intrusions.
API Quota and Throttling – Allowing API providers to set quotas, throttle, and rate limit API traffic based upon different plans and tiers of access.
API Monitoring – Provides solutions for monitoring and testing APIs so you can ensure they are highly available.
API Analytics – Giving you the analytics that is needed to understand what is occurring across API infrastructure.
API Usage – Providing the solutions you need to understand API usage and report on what each consumer is putting to use in their applications

Axway is a full lifecycle API management provider. They’ve focused on the management of existing APIs for years, but they have expanded their offerings to support the design, deployment, as well as the testing, monitoring, security, discovery, and many other stops along a modern API lifecycle. We need a map of all of these stops so that we can overlay it with our API lifecycle governance consulting so that when we are out talking to our customers or their customers, we understand what is possible.

We’ll be talking more about our partnership with Axway in future posts. We have several interesting implementations, use cases, and connector opportunities emerging from the conversations we are having with them. For us it isn’t just about partnering to sell our services, it is about helping ensure our customers can streamline their entire API lifecycle–which Axway delivers. We find that business, organizations, institutions, and government agencies that have a more organized API lifecycle tend to have more APIs that they need to turn on as real-time streams–so we are in the business of helping them optimize this as much as possible.

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