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Mapping The Available API Integrations Each Company Have

Integrations with common, and sometimes uncommon platforms add value to any company that operates in the API economy. As we profile APIs as part of our work on the API Gallery, one of the elements we keep an eye out for as we profile interesting platforms, is the number of API integrations that they have with other platforms. It is hard to imagine how companies are able to get business done in 2018 without an API, let alone a steady stream of new integrations that empower end-users and power partnerships between technology platforms.API Integrations

As we work to profile the companies we are actively profiling the integration pages for leading API platforms, adding to our index of useful resources within the gallery. One interesting integrations page we wanted to highlight is from customer data platform Segment, who “collects clickstream data from your mobile apps, websites, and servers with one API. Use turnkey integrations to pull in contextual data from cloud apps like your CRM and payment systems”. Clearly, Segment makes API integrations a first-class citizen on their platform and is something that they view as core to what they do.

Segment breaks down over 200 integrations in their catalog, identifying entries as either destinations or targets for integrating customer data, and breaking them down by category. One of the ways in which we rank API providers is based upon the number of integrations they offer. Each integration point is an anchor that brings value to a platform’s users. The more value an API platform brings to its user base, the more it has to other API service providers like us. Demonstrating the value of APIs, and working to make sure your platform plays well with the other platforms your customers will use, acknowledging your not the only tool in your customer’s toolbox.

Segment’s integration showcase is a great example for other platforms to follow. If you have integrations available and they aren’t showcased, they will rarely matter. Publishing your integrations publicly as Segment has done demonstrates to your users the possibilities surrounding your platform, and it demonstrates to your partners and competitors that you are a force in your sector that plays well with others and potentially moves fast, integrating with whichever solution possible. Without a robust platform integration strategy, a platform is an island, and won’t be as competitive as those platforms who are interconnected and interoperable with other API-driven solutions in the space.

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