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Local Business Analytics And Insights Partner API Program From Yelp

Yelp’s interesting partner API program is next up….

We are always on the lookout for unique API platforms who provide interesting data and insights. There are a growing number of API platforms out there, but finding the gems who actually provide access to the data behind what is happening, including historical data, are very difficult to find. Many API providers offer up data behind the scenes to partners, but very few actually are doing it as a public partner program.

When we come across the partner program of an interesting API Platform who has a public presence for their data partner program we take notice. While working with the Yelp API the other day we noticed their local analytics and insights program that helps companies, “Gain critical business intelligence. Tap into over 100 million reviews. Leverage a wealth of highly structured data.” Here are some of the details of their partner program:

Analyze location specific data – Survey reviews and ratings for specific business locations, clusters, or geographic regions.
Access historical trends – See how locations are performing over time and during key periods.
Rich semantic content – Perform semantic analysis on Yelp reviews to learn what people are saying.
Custom built data feeds – Get the data you need, the way you need it. We work with you to get you what you want.
Continually refreshed data – Yelp knows what’s trending and up to the minute openings and closings. Now you can too.
Official partner badge – Let potential clients know that you have up to date, accurate data that was licensed from Yelp.

We wish more API providers would have a partner program like Yelp does. It provides a more accessible way to get access to valuable data generated by leading API platforms. Every API provider is generating analytics and insight, and while they are entitled to be selective in who they partner with, they should be transparent in what they are up to. It helps companies like us understand what is available, and allows us to index, catalog, and refer partners who are interested in taking advantage of the analytics and insights being offered.

API partner programs are one of the data points we track on as part of the API Gallery. Once we’ve indexed enough of these types of programs, we’ll add them as a search criteria, allowing data consumers to quickly find the platforms who offer the richest and most valuable insights. Making it easier to find the more mature API providers out there, who aren’t concerned with operating in the shadows, and proudly share the valuable insights they bring to the table.

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