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Importance Of API Enumerators In ECommerce

We work to collect valuable enumerators as we profile the API landscape. Enumerators are those valuable lists of data you can use to make calls to APIs when you are seeking different responses. Things like stock tickers, cities, states, and other valuable facts that are needed to make API queries more precise. We are slowly building up a treasure trove of API enumerators as we work our way across industries, and we thought the list of commerce-related enumerators from FraudLabs Pro were worth adding to the list.

Country Codes – FraudLabs Pro requires the use of ISO-3166 alpha-2 (2 characters) country codes for the country input parameter.
Country Codes Supported By SMS Verification API – Send SMS Verification API uses ISO-3166 alpha-2 (2 characters) country codes for the country code parameter.
State & Province Codes – List of states & province codes.
Countries by Continents – List of countries by continents.
Currency Codes – FraudLabs Pro requires the use of ISO-4217 (3 characters) currency codes for the currency input parameter.
AVS & CVV2 Response Codes – List of AVS & CVV2 response codes supported by FraudLabs Pro.
Industry ID – FraudLabs Pro requires the use of Industry ID for the industry input parameter.
Error Codes – List of error codes returned by FraudLabs Pro.

While not all of these enumerators are standardized, they still show an interesting view of the values that are important to the commerce and fraud detection space. Providing easy to access enumerators are essential to helping API consumers get up and running with an API, and help flesh out the dimensions of value delivered by an API. Without these enumerators, an API can be difficult to get the desired results, or just plain useless.

After we’ve aggregated a wealth of these enumerators, we are going to publish an entire site dedicated to these valuable lists. Providing listings, and machine-readable editions of these common values that can be used across API providers. We’ll also start to allow for the search of APIs using these values, so that you can start a search for APIs that support a specific enumerator, such as stock tickers, cities, currency, and other standardized values. Adding another dimension of API discovery, based upon the common data that gets used across industries.

AI in Finance White paper - API Enumerators

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