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If you are NOT planning for hybrid integration, you are already late

That’s right, the Axway Hybrid Integration Survey showed that out of 550 senior IT leaders worldwide:

  • 14% of already have a hybrid integration platform (HIP) in place;
  • 31% are currently implementing a hybrid integration platform;
  • 32% plan to implement a hybrid integration platform in the next 12 months.

In conclusion, this means that  77% of your peers are actively on the road to bringing the advantages of hybrid integration to their businesses. So, where are you on the journey toward HIP?

Wait… what exactly is a HIP?

A general working definition that was given in the hybrid integration survey is:

“A hybrid integration platform (HIP) brings together and makes available integration patterns, end-points and data that can be used by a wider range of integration personas, to create new applications under better security and control that can be deployed on both on-premises and cloud-based system architectures.

Critical to a hybrid integration platform is enabling the business via self-service integration capabilities and best practices, while IT maintains corporate oversight and serves as an enabler.”

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So why would I want a HIP?

The respondents in the survey told us that the number-one driver for hybrid integration is the need to innovate faster. Furthermore, the delays caused by the complexities, volumes and lack of expertise in new technologies have IT struggling to keep up with the business demands that persist. Do you still have a growing IT backlog?

What can I do next?

The answer is that it would be worthwhile to investigate hybrid integration platforms for your business.

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